How Adoption Agencies Contribute for Making Orphan’s Life Better

International adoption agency

A child with no family needs to be placed in an adoption setup, isn’t it? However till such an adoption is arrange for the child, the living place for him/her is known as an orphanage.  Therefore, it is important for parents who want to adopt a child to approach an orphanage. Nevertheless, it is also important to know that that an orphanage is not an adoption agency.  There are differences between these two. Let’s explore what is an adoption agency, their responsibilities and how they can help parentless children.

Adoption Agency

An adoption agency is an establishment, founded to provide placement to children into an adoptive homes. Licensed by the state, most of the adoption agencies are non-profit. They, most probably, deal in counseling services and gain the expertise in conducting home studies, relinquishment’s and post placement visits.  At time, they can help in finding the birth parent. It means they help adoptive parents search for the birthparent, depending on the situation.

You can find domestic and international adoption agency. The domestic agency provides services to its own country, whereas the international agency can provide assistance to adoptive family or birth parent across the globe. They are advocate for quality in-country care for children in all of the countries where they work.


The responsibilities of adoption agencies are very vast. They get involved in finding out the low staff-to-child care ratios, orphan-specific nutrition, quality medical care and conducting suitable and well-organized home study of the potential adoptive parents and recording their observations in the reports.

Moreover, the agencies find out a reliable and trusted foster family for children who are waiting for a family. They make sure proper foster care in several countries and that children are benefiting from their programs. This enables children to have more nurturing, better family-like atmosphere and form healthy emotional attachments and reach critical developmental milestones.

Some of the key responsibilities of the agencies include reviewing financial ability of the couples, checking out whether they are emotionally ready for the adoption, ensuring whether their acceptance of adoption is a way for building a family, providing the child with important facts about adoption, assessing attachment and bonding of adoptive parents with the child and focusing on important concerns about the child’s social background and genetic factors.

Post Adoption Services

After handling all the adoption formalities, the domestic and international adoption agencies get engaged in post adoption services. They make sure the children are getting what they need to thrive during their stay in care centers and group homes. The agencies are committed to getting the latest updates about the child’s growth, development and medical conditions. They counsel new adoptive parents regarding the care of the child.

Apart from all these, if you find well-established adoption agencies, you can see that their professionals assessing the parents on some aspects to get an idea whether they are ready to adopt a child and provide proper care to him/her.

Hard Truth

In America, the incident of adoptions is growing leaps and bounds. Not only this, a large number of families are being created through the miracle of adoption across the globe. And the credit goes to national and international adoption agencies. They are performing a pivotal role in making children’s life better.

To conclude, we can say that assisting families along with their adoption journey and helping children to have a fruitful lifestyle is more of a sincere pleasure for most of the adoption agencies.  There is a tremendous increase in the number of adoption agencies and most of them are worldwide popular for their excellent jobs towards making the life of orphans and helpless children better.

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