Adorn Your Garden with 5 Types of Fountains

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Consider yourself lucky if you have a nice garden in your house. They not only enhance the beauty of your home but also provide you with the chance to come in contact with nature and relax your mind, body, and soul early in the morning or maybe in the evening after a tiring day at work. But have you ever thought about adorning your little plot of land and making it more attractive? If not, read this blog to know how you can transform your plot into a tiny piece of heaven with the help of garden adornments.

Water Features Perth

One of the most popular and traditional water features is fountains which provide you ample scope to transform your garden into an alluring landscape. Below is a list of various types of fountains that you can try out in your garden.

  1. Tiered fountain

This popular form of fountain has been used in gardens for centuries. They are generally installed in courtyards and plazas in Mediterranean countries like Spain and Italy. Designs vary in tiered fountains. They can be simple or complex like carvings depicting people, animals or other things. If you have a traditional or classical landscape setting, tiered fountains will suit your garden the best. Just make sure that the fountain must look as if it has been there for a long time and do not forget to match the colour of the fountain with the paving.

  1. Disappearing fountain

This type of fountain is popularly known as a pondless fountain. This is because the water reservoir in this type is hidden beneath the ground. To make the best use of this fountain try to install it close to a patio or path as this will make your garden look attractive and will also add a beautiful sound to the area. The common styles for disappearing fountain include milestones, ceramic urns, granite columns and natural looking waterfalls. There are few advantages of disappearing fountain that you must know.

  • Since the water reservoir of the fountain is underneath with no open air water basin, it is safe for children.
  • Again, since the reservoir is underneath, less amount of water evaporates from disappearing fountain. It can be thus used in areas where there is a scarcity of water.
  • It requires very little maintenance since dust and dirt cannot enter the reservoir. Moreover, since the pump is hidden from the sunlight, it is safe from algae growth.
  • Disappearing fountains take up very little space and it can be installed anywhere, from small patios to backyards.
  1. Japanese fountain

Fountains hold a special place in Japanese tradition. You can find a fountain in almost every Japanese home. They symbolise spiritual and physical cleansing and are placed at the entrance of a Japanese home temple. The speciality of this type of fountain is that they have a very simple design and the focus is on the water rather than the basin. Generally, a fountain that has a bamboo spout is installed. Water trickles from the spout to the basin which is made of stone. The fountain should have jagged edges and look weathered and old affected by outdoor elements. Further, the fountain must appear to be in harmony with nature and hence are located amidst rocks and surrounded by plants. To be precise this fountain is more than just a decor, it is a reflection of a culture.

  1. Wall fountain

Want to bring about a sense of relaxation in your small garden or patio. Then try wall fountain for your garden. This fountain does not take up much space and can be customised to fit on a particular wall of your choice. It requires simple things like a spout, water basin, internal tubing and a pump.

  1. Self-contained fountain

If you want something easy and affordable for your garden, opt for self-contained fountain. They contain all the parts required for the fountain to function including plumbing and pump required function. They have their own reservoir and do not need to be placed in a pool or pond. The are easy to install and does not require major construction. You can easily change the location of the fountain according to your will.

So, are you ready to adorn your garden with one of this fountain? Go ahead and convert your courtyard into a well-designed landscape and increase the curb appeal of your property.          

Author Bio – David Anderson is a passionate gardener and a blogger. He always prefers Water Features Perth to decorate his garden. In this blog, he has written about different fountains that can also add charm to your backyard.

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