Advanced Learning Experience Through Online Mode


The need to rush off to tuition classes can now be eliminated with the help of technology. Get access to expert teachers in various subjects through live online classes. The curriculum of all the major boards such as CBSE, ICSE, IB and IGCSE are available on a single location for students. The live online classes cover all the subjects from class 6th to 12th.

The students can also enrol for topic specific classes such as ncert solutions for class 10th maths chapter 14 or any other topic from any other subject. The total course duration of fixed topics is calculated in minutes. Apart from specific topic classes, the students can choose regular monthly classes and revision courses.

In order to give a better idea, let’s take the example of CBSE class 10th Mathematics.


The live online classes cover all the 15 topics of class 10th Maths of CBSE board. This includes real numbers, quadratic equation, triangles, arithmetic progression, trigonometry, constructions, circles, probability and many more. The students can learn all the topics or pick out a specific topic according to his or her requirement. Each topic has a unique ID and a price tag. For example, cbse class 10 maths statistics has a course code of 1140 with a price tag of Rs580. The fixed price of each topic and subject matter means that the students need to pay only for what they want to learn.

What are the benefits?

The virtual online classes impart the feeling of a real class through the use of 2-way voice video data technology. The experts of the subject are in live conversation with the student without the latter having to travel anywhere. The batch sizes are small and even private tutoring is being offered. This leads to personalized attention which is missing in conventional classroom batches.

Live online tutoring enables the students to participate in classes anytime from anywhere in the world. This is a highly convenient way to learn for the students. Moreover, live online classes are always better than recorded sessions. Periodic tests are also conducted to properly assess the students. Live online learning sessions also mean that the student saves a lot of time that is spent in travelling physically to the various tuition centres. Thus, the student is left with more time for self-study.

Chapters and curriculum are exactly in accordance with the board under which the student is undergoing his/her studies. The student needs to specify the board at the time of enrolment to avoid any confusion in the future.

The trainers are well qualified and hold years of experience with thorough knowledge of various concepts and student requirements. They are also SETTP Certified which is a certification granted at the end of the successful completion of an in-house training program.

Trial classes are also offered to the students for about 60 minutes. This allows them to participate in a class and get a first-hand experience about what to expect in the live online classes.

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