Some of the Advanced SEO Strategies for 2017


Internet is all about speed. If you are one of those who contributes to the vast collection of network i.e. the internet, you need to buck up with the speed of growing technology and advancements. Over the last couple of years, SEO has changed completely.

Even the search engines are making themselves advanced enough so that the users get better search results. Although, search engine optimization was not a rocket science earlier but now it’s not everybody’s cup of tea! Now you need to follow the guidelines of major and popular search engines.

To upgrade yourself with the latest SEO practices and advancements, here are some strategies and tips which you can follow in 2017:

  • Giving a Boost to Your Website

Speed is the need of 2017. Today, not everyone has the access to fast internet. Keeping in this mind, every digital marketer should optimize his/her site for faster crawling. In the world of slow internet access with many people, if your website takes its sweet time to load web pages, the visitor won’t wait and switch to another site. To optimize your website, remove the unwanted content and unnecessary links to please your customers.

  • Cellphone is the Future

As we all know, mobile phones are changing the world of digital marketing or SEO faster than expected. Every person walking on a street carries a mobile phone. Recent studies show that most of the people use cell phones to search online when they are travelling. Many of them even use mobiles at home as they do not own laptops or desktops. Keeping this in mind, you need to start working on a website which is highly responsive or a custom-made site especially for mobile users to give the best experience.

  • Production of High-Quality Content

You cannot maintain your online reputation if the content change on your site is not consistent. Do not live with a myth that one hit post can make you dollars or popular. Upload high-quality content with uniqueness on your site to attract major traffic. Make your content writers write audience-centric content optimized with promotional paragraphs and lines. This can be a strong strategy for 2017!

  • Visibility on Social Media Platforms

Social media is a flourishing platform which can make you touch heights of success overnight. Daily we read articles, blogs, post etc. which have been shared by people all over the world. A single post on social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can interest people from corners of the world. And, in 2017, social media will grow even bigger. So, do not miss it and make your presence on social media platforms.

  • Switching from HTTP to HTTPS

Nowadays, people are worried about sharing their personal information on websites as it can lead to some disastrous losses. Till date, people do not trust the internet to maintain privacy. But now, you can keep your information safe and secure. For that, you need to switch from http to https. If your website is into any online transactions or payments, it will remain safe through https.

  • Smooth User Experience

In the world of Internet, there is a basic rule which is followed by digital marketing agencies. Rule of the internet says that the user is always right. Well, do not take that too seriously but there is a message hidden behind it. From the first click, the user should be guided through the various services and options your site offers at a pleasing speed. Keep minimal content on your site and optimize the interface to make it user-friendly.

Here we are with some of the tips and strategies of SEO for 2017. With more agencies and marketers being educated on the subject, it is expected that most of the major sites will be optimized with latest SEO procedures.

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