The Advantages Of Digital Marketing For Business Success

The 20th century saw rapid growth in the way businesses were handled. Dubbed the ‘Disruptive Innovation’, the Internet started to dominate the household, our lives and ultimately, the market economy itself. It leveled the marketing field for both big and small companies alike, and the way they usually did business now had to comply with one simple, but essential rule of the digital age – “adapt, or go bankrupt”. This article aims to inform and introduce you to the vast world of digital marketing, and make it a less challenging transition for you as a business owner. The road from adaptation to market domination is a slow, but steady rise, and the secret is in your online presence. Here are seven ways in which digital marketing can transform your business:

It prevents the worst possible scenario

They say that people learn from their mistakes, but the resourceful ones learn from others’. If you are still unsure whether or not to dive in the digital waters, keep in mind that Kodak, Blockbuster, and even Woolworths closed their doors forever because of their refusal to adapt.

Blockbuster, the movie rental magnate of the 90s, saw its demise after the CEO refused to buy off Netflix, a platform that operated completely digitally, for $50 million. This missed opportunity for digital exposure cost them $1.1 billion, 60. 000 laid off employees, and 9. 000 closed stores across 25 countries.

It makes your business visible and easily reachable

Digital marketing forms and boosts your online presence. Creating a website is very much like putting your business on a map. Word of mouth can only do so much, and today, if potential customers cannot find you online, they are less likely to use your services.

With new generations of Smartphone and tablet users, everything is a click away. Talking about new restaurants, clothing and even hardware stores, people are most likely to take out their phones and search for the business in question, than memorize the address and phone number. Seeing a photograph of the store forefront, the Google map of your location and the e-mail address for all customer questions is more likely to portray your business as trustworthy and reliable.

It gives your business a friendly face

Simply having an online presence isn’t enough. The way digital marketing works is that it lures in potential new customers and in this new day and age, most of them are on social media. According to, as of 2017, Facebook has 1.87 billion monthly active users. Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter all have around 500 million active users.

According to the professionals from Web Design Agency Sydney, advertising on these platforms, and active participation via photos, tweets, and along with them, notifying about upcoming deals, events and discounts will certainly gain favors. Marketing your business in this way is more likely to make potential customers identify with you and the people who work for you, than see it only as a provider of goods and services.

It is called the World-Wide Web for a reason

Creating a website puts you on a map more complex and bustling than ever thought possible. Big companies like Amazon, eBay, and Penguin Books are known across the globe, and each day, new users are signing up for their services from every corner of the world.

Choosing to put your company online ensures its exposure to international visitors. If your website also features an option to present the contents in a different language, the potential for a new customer rises., is an excellent platform for international advertising. It hosts reviews and essential information on the businesses of a certain country, such as restaurants, salons, stores, and so on. Making your company a part of such a community can only aid your daily traffic.

It turns visitors into leads and customers

This is where the active engagement in the consumer community pays off. There are many ways to get revenue from the investment in digital marketing. Online advertisements are one way to go about it, social networking is another. There are blogs, search engine optimization and newsletter subscriptions that guarantees the target demographic stays informed about your business.

But more than anything, having a website that calls the customers to be proactive through the “buy”, “comment”, “sign up” and other options, ensures that everything they need from your business is at arm’s reach at all times.

More cost-effective than other types of advertising

Digital marketing guarantees return of investment, if used wisely. As mentioned before, simply putting yourself on the map does not do much in itself. But compared to other forms of advertising, such as radio, TV and newspaper ads, Internet marketing is farther-reaching and longer-lasting.

In 2013, reported that 41% of marketers save company money by using digital marketing, which is then reinvested.

Final Words

The world of digital marketing is a vast, booming place that demands constant attention and tracking of trends. But it is also an exciting new way to expand and nourish your business, which guarantees long-term return of investment and customer satisfaction.

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