What are the Advantages of Using Mesh Banner Printing for Marketing?

Mesh banners are the name given to signs that have tiny holes that allow passage of wind through. These are used mainly as one side signs to be put on the outside of shops, stores, restaurants, companies etc. Mesh banner printing involves the use of abrasion resistant ink and UV which makes mesh banners slightly costlier than vinyl but capable of resisting easy tearing. Below you can find out about some of the top advantages of using banners printed with this type of print technology for marketing purposes.

Mesh banner printing

Greater Brand Awareness

The brand image is the most important asset for any business. The brand is a representation of a business. It assists customers in relating a business to their experiences. When you get your services, business information and brand logo on fence mesh, it is possible to ensure higher brand awareness by promoting it on:

  • Fests
  • Construction sites
  • Events
  • Business meetings and more

The mesh banner printing can make leads note your business information and become customers. They can get in touch with your business when they require your services.


Mesh banners are economical, which makes them a great choice for small businesses and startups that are looking for low-cost advertising options. Mesh Banner printing can be regarded as a premium advertising tool that can offer excellent returns on investment over the long term.

Wind and Rain Resistant

There are many holes in mesh banners and allow the flow of air through the surface. Due to this type of design, there is no wind damage to such banners. The fence to which the banner is attached to does not get knocked over at any time. Mesh banners are often used in construction sites for advertising purposes. Such types of sites are exposed to mud, dust, water, dirt and various other elements. Damages due to weather are kept in consideration during mesh banner printing, which makes them perfect for construction sites.

UV Resistant

Mesh banner printing ensures UV protection and allows banners to last a long time. When businesses invest in banners, they are generally worried about the logo and the artwork fading away when they are exposed to the sunlight for a long time. However, the use of UV protective coating in this type of printing ensures that there is no fading of banners. These can withstand the rays of the sun for up to a year.

Mesh banner printing

Can be used in Restricted Zones

For the purpose of safety, the common public is not allowed access in some areas during events and festivals. In such areas, mesh banners are very useful. It is due to their design, which makes the air flow across; these signs can be set up on strong foundations, fences, posts etc. As compared to vinyl printing, these signs can last for a long time and are worth the additional expense. The risks of tearing and wrinkling are reduced due to the passage of wind between the holes of the mesh banner. Big, attention-grabbing signs can be printed on these banners which can be viewed during road trips.

High-quality Message Printing

Mesh banner printing ensures the printing of high-quality messages on banners, which are of the same quality as messages printed on promotional materials that are created out of business cards, letterhead and more. As these banners do not fold up or whip around, they do not prevent others from reading the messages printed on them. There is no risk of losing any opportunity of branding for businesses. These are very sturdy pieces and can be used over and over again in varied situations and places.

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