Affordable Ways of Renting an Office Space


Congratulations. Your start-up idea has struck the chord, and it’s time to spread your wings. You are excited but also tense because you need to rent an actual office in a professional location to accommodate more employees. While working from home is great in the initial stage, it’s certainly not appropriate to hold client meetings once you’re in the growth mode.  This post will guide you to find affordable and efficient ways to rent an office space in Bangalore.

Renting office space in Bangalore is a massive expense. As a new entrepreneur, you have limited resources and need to be business savvy in money matters.  Saddling a new setup with a huge liability of 3-5 year lease can dent your budget even if you’ve started to pull in revenue. Don’t get lured by a fancy workplace. Instead, take advantage of shared office space in Bangalore that has all the facilities to impress your clientele. If you’re in a dilemma here are some affordable options to help upgrade your office.

  • Sub-Leasing:

With the profits just trickling you are still working on a tight budget. Look for a company that has excess office space and is open to subleasing.  Many businesses acquire a larger place in an established location and then sublet to start-ups hunting for a professional workplace.  Besides lessening the burden of rent, this kind of arrangement can provide you flexibility and a great entrepreneurial environment.

  • Consider Co-Working:

Moving your team to a coworking space in Bangalore that caters to your work culture can be the perfect solution. Apart from being a cost-effective measure, it provides you the privacy of an office, built-in networking and the opportunity to rub shoulders with like-minded individuals who are facing similar challenges. A win-win situation, right?

  • Suburbs:

There’s no denying that location plays a vital role in helping some businesses flourish. However, if that factor doesn’t apply to your line of trade, an office space in a suburb has a lot going in its favor. You can rent a larger place without draining your resources. Not to mention, there is less traffic and pollution in the suburbs.

  • Business Incubators:

If you are facing financial constraints, take the business incubator route. Though not a feasible long-term solution, business incubator programs with facilities like economical office space, internet access, equipment, furniture, networking, advisory boards, financial management assistance and more is a realistic option to consider.

  • Look for Deals

When you’re budget is limited, taking a shared office space in Bangalore where the rentals can be skyrocketing can be a good alternative.  However, every penny saved is a penny earned. Look for co-working spaces that have just started. Some of them also offer early bird discount and special deals.

With so many cost effective options available, finding a professional workplace in Bangalore should not be difficult. Having said that, don’t be hasty to take the plunge and give the matter considerable thought. After all, you want to find an office space that is comfortable and perfect for your business needs.

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