All About Albert Smith Signs

This path to success had its beginning in 1873. Albert Smith Signs continues to manufacture quality products with the same pride and integrity, as their founders. They simply know the significance of branding at its best. The Albert Smith Signs (Group’s) exceptional signage products are supported by their superior personalised services by skilled experts.

Known to be the global leader in design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance for the world’s foremost brands, Albert Smith Signs has been the flagship of division of Albert Smith Group which has been established for over 65 years now.


The company installs the ground breaking identity solutions in connection with its design and manufacture. It includes production of entry statements, building facades, entry flyers, illuminated walls, ceilings with many specific sites and architectural features, just to mention a few.

LED Signs:

Electronic LED signage provides a dynamic messaging that allows the company to interact with customers and prospects in real time. It can be also integrated into other branding products including pylon and directional designs.

Directional Signs:

Knowing that the key to effective directional signage is to gain an understanding of the different uses with the environment and create an easy to understand hierarchy of sign types. Through the proper use of colour, symbols and platform. Information to direct in a certain destination is important but placement is paramount.

All the products and signage can be integrated with LED light and signs, it is depending only on the customers choices and orders.

Examples of directional signs are hotel/condominium signage, parking lots, malls and establishments, street signs etc.

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