Amazing Facts the Fast Fashion Industry is hiding from you

Nowadays, the fashion industry gets lots of publicity. The excess, clearly sexual ads, humanitarian concerns, lawsuits, wastes, the list could go on and on. Giants in the industry devote millions to powerful PR campaigns, going as far as ‘donate proceeds’ and ‘conscious collections’ for causes deemed worthy. Yet despite the efforts, the fact remains that it’s among the jagged industries. Here are some amazing facts the fashion industry is hiding from you.

Weekly Trends

There were once two fashion seasons; fall/winter and summer/spring. Fast forward; the industry currently churns 52 ‘micro-seasons’ every year. With weekly latest trends, the fast fashion industry targets consumers buying as many costumes as possible, as often as possible.

‘Discounts’ are not actually discounts

Even the most prudent fashion enthusiasts love entering outlets and getting designer labels at just a fraction of primary price. This even applies to when they order styles like a sequin dress online. Unfortunately, the unsellable items or ‘excess’ clients think they are purchasing frequently have never seen anything that resembles a designer label in the past.

Clothing falls apart

The fast fashion industry is only concerned about its bottom line alone. The models of their businesses are actually reliant on the desire of customers to wear – which is quite instinctive even if the clothing falls to bits in a single wash. Industry giants produce hundreds or even thousands of millions of garments annually. They put a tiny mark-uponto the prices and earn their ROI from selling a lot of clothing. The issue is that the average fashion user throws an average of 35 kilograms of textiles out every year.

So, how do you become a much more conscious consumer? It begins by getting yourself educated, buying less, buying local and from independent designers like some amazing experts that design the sequin dress in Australia. By doing this, you will have gone past these and several other facts about the fashion industry you do not know. You will blend much better into what latest fashion trends should actually mean.

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