The Most Amazing Ways for Using Lineman Pliers Efficiently

The best professional lineman pliers with the strong gripping, pulling, crimping and cutting capability are a vital tool for all handymen.

Though called lineman pliers, the strong gripping, pulling, crimping and cutting powerful pliers are a vital tool for all handymen and handywomen. Their riveted, solid construction comprises a double-bladed cutter just atop the joint, ridged pieces for gripping on the nose and insulated, long handles for the greatest gripping power. Use these guidelines to utilize the best professional lineman pliers for as many tasks as possible.

Preparing wires for any circuit:

Use the pliers to crack wire sheathing. Grip the section you desire cutting in the pliers’ nose, then firmly bend at right angle till it splits. Slip wire down pliers’ craw between cutting edges. Using both hands if necessary, squeeze pliers’ cutting edge to cut through wire. Release wire and turn pliers at a forty-five-degree angle, slice down wire ends to strip its sheathing completely. Use pliers to wind bare wires together onto a different set, prepared similarly, to create a closed circuit.

Cutting metal objects:

The excellent strength of lineman pliers implies that they can be used to cut nails and screws to any length that is most suitable. Their cutting craw can hold and cut threaded screws up to those that are as big as number ten. They can also cut across most plain drywall screws and nails. Majority of screws still function as they normally do even after you must have cut them using the best professional lineman pliers.

Removing bends from soft metals:

You can use the powerful pliers to eradicate warps and bends from either lead or brass. Use an acetylene torch to heat the metal. You should then use an asbestos cloth to cover it then apply considerable pressure with the pliers so that you then straighten all the warped and bent edges of any of the soft metals.

To straighten or bend cable, wire or sheet metal:

Lineman pliers are quite useful for constructing ninety-degree bends cables and wires, or to eliminate such bends from both sheet metals and wires. To avoid ripples and scratches occurring in sheet metals while flattening or bending them, you should find a piece of soft cloth and place it around the piece of wire or sheet metal before using the pliers to grasp it. Stretch any piece of any wire over the lineman pliers’ square nose whenever you desire to create bends that feature precise ninety-degree angles.

Smoothening and cleaning rough metal edges:

Utilize the flat end of your lineman pliers’ nose to effectively and efficiently flatten or fold down sharp metal edges of any kind anywhere anytime.

To extract and pull screws and nails:

You can grip the bent or broken head of a screw or nail and extract it out from drywalls or wood using your lineman pliers. Just grasp the top of the screw you can see and twist it in the opposite direction to remove it from the floor surface or wall.

There are so many tasks that can be performed with the lineman pliers. These are just the ones that this article could bring. Of all the tasks you can perform with the powerful pliers, it appears to be more useful at moments when you seem to be seeking how to remove stripped screw.

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