AnalytiXLabs Made Things Easier for Me – Student Review

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A relatively new field often comes with the idea of easy opportunities. A lot of us had this misconception about the analytics industry. The jobs are lucrative and the roles are interesting and there is a fair amount of skill shortage too. But these facts do not imply that opportunities come very easily. I have learnt from my experience that skill, efficiency, cognitive powers and discipline are the very pillars of success in analytics. One has to be trained for these jobs – trained by specialists and professionals.

I was quite at a loss when I first decided to pursue a career as a big data analyst. I had people around me who recommended various ways of learning – learn this language, get free material from here and attend that university course. Well I did not have enough time for a full fledged university course and could not really base my career upon random material from the web. The ranking of Analytics institutes in India by Analytics India Magazine pointed towards AnalytixLabs. I logged into their website and did not have to worry much about anything.

They know what you need

I really needed someone who could direct me on a right path. I was not too sure about my course of action but their counseling body analyzed my skills, assumed my potential and understood my requirements. When they recommended a course for me and let me know about the prospects I was really impressed. You can actually count on their judgment if you have not made up your mind about what course to pursue.

Amazing variety of courses

Once you take a glance at the list of the various courses featured by AnalytixLabs, you pretty much have the idea about how to develop your career in the future. They have something for every skill and experience level. I got precisely what I required and I am quite sure no one will return disappointed. The Hadoop training program that I enrolled for was meticulously structured so to give the student a slow yet thorough exposure. Giving enough time to digest the knowledge yet not wasting a single minute.

Supportive Faculty

I cannot really boast of being a very fast learner but I have come through and with flying colors. This would have never been possible without the patience and support of the instructors. They took my training as their responsibility and they literally made it a point that I should not return with empty hands. Experienced professionals as they are the faculty members know what works and what does not in the real time situation. They made sure that we do not have any false idea about the industry. We were trained to be sharp, precise and accurate in our use of the various components of the Hadoop software suit.

Practical Training and evaluative projects

We received so much practical training that we knew what we were dealing with. We knew how the things work in the real world. We participated in real time projects, interacted with professionals and we could easily assess our skill levels through the tests or evaluative programs. The whole program was so transparent and dealt with such professionalism that I could actually feel that I am getting ready for the real deal.

The curriculum

The stress is always upon getting us ready for the industry. This approach has helped me so much that I am inspired to write the AnalytixLabs student review. The course material is comprehensive and well directed at the same time. It gives you enough exposure to learn how things are done and enough depth to continue your study on a more advanced level. The curriculum achieves an impeccable balance between theoretical knowledge and practical exercise.


Time does become a major issue whenever you try to commit to a certain program. AnalytixLabs offered enough flexibility to fit the course in my schedule. Although I was so determined about doing the course that I would have found time for it anyway – flexibility does become the most important issue for working people who want to get trained in a certain discipline.

The case study based training, well directed material, amazing faculty and excellent administration, all play an Important part in making AnalytixLabs one of the best among the a

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