Ancient Practice of Yoga for Modern Day Wellbeing

More than anyone else, an individual is responsible to keep oneself fit and healthy. Yoga practice is considered to be one of the surest ways to ensure a fit body and relaxed mental state to enjoy a long life. The practice of yoga is not a new invention for humanity. It is very ancient and has its roots in India where it has existed and been practiced for centuries. The western world has also verified the efficacy of yoga postures through numerous scientific studies. In the last few decades, researchers have made exhaustive studies and experiments on the health benefits claimed by the ancient texts and scriptures on the subject, which are mostly written in ancient Sanskrit language. The scientific community and experts who have toiled hard on these experiments have concluded that regular practice of yoga exercises do yield results as enunciated in the ancient texts.

The disciplined lifestyle is perhaps the key for long healthy life. Having a balanced healthy diet and devoting some time every day to do the yoga exercises can be the recipe to fitness and health. Yoga postures, called asanas in Sanskrit, are largely easy to do exercises which can be done by all. There are of course numerous asanas and each of them has specific name. Surya Namaskaar (Salute to the Sun God) is one of the preliminary yet potent postures which are generally recommended for all. This has multiple benefits including flexibility of limbs, enhancement of stamina and boosting energy levels of the body. Besides this there are other postures as well which are aimed to provide different benefits to the specific organs of the body. The statue of Buddha in the sitting posture with crossed legs that we often see also shows that Buddha is sitting in posture called Padmasana (Lotus posture). This posture is considered extremely beneficial for relieving mental stress and promotes tranquillity.

In Australia, there are many yoga centres which promote the practice. Yoga Newport centre has been considered as one of the premier centres due to its galaxy of trained yoga teachers who have been rendering their services to the community for years. The serene landscape of the Newport yoga centre itself has therapeutic effect on the visitors to the place. The methodical approach in which the teachers provide guidance to the aspirants has been widely appreciated. The experienced teachers demonstrate the right techniques of doing various asanas and also ask the students to perform the asanas in their supervision.

Newport Yoga centre also conducts special yoga classes periodically to control various life style diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Cardiac problems, Arthritis, etc. In these sessions, the students are trained to adopt specific set of postures which will help them to provide sustainable relief from these diseases. The website of Newport Yoga centre can be accessed to register for these sessions. One can also make online registration upon payment of the requisite fee charges. The helpline of the Newport Yoga centre can also be contacted for any further information.

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