Why Animation is the Next Big Thing?

The Entertainment Industry has for decades employed a huge chunk of the Global creative personnel who have gained expertise with the help of animation courses. Be it theatres, movies or animated productions, entertainment industry has also seen major consumer spending across economies throughout the globe. As for the emerging markets, entertainment industry as a whole has witnessed an explosive growth, the likes seldom seen by any major industry segment worldwide. It’s no wonder major entertainment houses have targeted a niche segment of this industry, which will appeal to all age groups alike, and have been heavily investing in creation of talent pool for market dominance.


Animation: Shortcut to Success

Contrary to popular belief, today’s production houses which are relatively new bies on world stage are not fighting against tide for their survival. Instead, these new bies have focused on the animation segment to build their human resources, and are willing to take the entertainment giants head on. All these has created the prospect of taking up animation courses  a very bright arena, where employment is far from being saturated, and mounting investments by both home grown production houses as well as multinationals in human capital has generated a sense of security in employment.

The entertainment industry, like any other has proven to be the most fertile ground of consumer spending following global economic recession. Historically, people have been lured by the entertainment segment even in times of extreme hardships. Animation serves as a classic example why populations are willing to spend on entertainment even when subjected to extremes of life:

  • Animation movies/ shows capture public imagination better than any other form of entertainment.
  • Animated characters are modelled upon characters from epics and/or historical figures, which further add o the curiosity of viewers.
  • Based on the perspectives of any given population, any animated show can be tailor made to suit the mindset of respective viewers.
  • It is quite easy to model upon any incident, place, time, etc. on a computer screen without having the necessity to physically arrange the whole set
  • Animation makes the whole approach more economical. On an average, any animated movie or show takes a meagre fraction of what live movies do.

Future Prospect, Growth and Evolution:

Animation in all its glory doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. However, the potential impact of how animated works have on our society is never more profound than the addiction to video games. As the technology responsible for animated shows/ movies has evolved, so has the impact on society, among all age groups. The stark difference between any video games which originated less than five years ago to those of now tells us something which guides this evolution: interactive interfaces. The games of now are almost seemingly real life, which sometimes are more than effective in mimicking any real life scenarios on screen.

Though the animation segment has grown by leaps and bounds, there may be a possible stagnant period, where interactive interfaces would have reached its peak. However, as the reach of animation industry spreads across nations, irrespective of population size, scale of economy, etc., it is safe to assume that this industry will draw in aspiring professionals and harness their potential for a sustainable growth.

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