App Development: How Much It Cost

Nowadays, the value of an application can no longer be ignored. A common prohibiting factor, however, is the cost of developing a mobile app. Asking how much does app development costs is the beginning to know of your options. On the other hand, you may list all the requirements, specifications, features and functions you want for an app. All of these will affect the cost of the app.

So how much does app development really cost?

Application development is a multi-stage process. Creating an app entails planning, designing, coding, administration, testing, deployment and marketing. At each stage, capital is required. Hence, the total cost of the development will depend on specific factors. The generally varies due to the complexity of the processes involved and can go anywhere between a few hundred dollars and hundred thousand dollars. At the lowest end, you may need to pay $30,000 and $160,000 at the highest end.

New vs. old technology

One reason behind the total price of the mobile app is the technology to use for the development. If it is relatively new and evolving, expect that only a few developers or agencies can obtain the said technology. The cost of app production may go down as new tools and techniques emerge, however. That’s because the developers themselves are able to leverage the previous tools, reducing both timeframes and overall cost of the labor.

Put simply, the more technologies evolved, the more apps will be created because it will become easier to develop them. Likewise, it may mean more affordable alternatives. One perfect example is the plug and play technology, a tool that small businesses can use to build their own mobile app. It includes choices of clean templates, premade functions and all. But of course, there will be compromises along the way if you choose this route.

In-house vs. outsourcing

Another variable to look at when it comes to app building is whether or not you’ll hire an in-house dev team. Doing things in-house is always a better option since you can control the entire development process. The problem is this can be highly expensive. This is the main reason why companies – big or small – are opting to outsource. With this choice, you need to practice due diligence so that the development firm would not take advantage of your business’s vulnerability. Building an app is a huge expense it’ll be worth your time and money if you will put a little more effort in shortlisting mobile app companies.

Be reminded that mobile app development companies are not created equal. You cannot just choose the first company that offers its services to you even with deep discounts. Thus, ask your prospective dev firm lots of questions to gauge their proficiency, expertise, and experience. Some of the questions you should be asking and getting answers for are:

  • Who are going to work on my app?

  • Have they worked on the same app before?

  • What technologies are you going to use?

  • How long will the app development be?

  • How much will the app development cost?

  • What is the cheapest and priciest app you develop?

  • What are the terms of payment?

  • What information will you need from me?

As mentioned above, there are various stages of building a mobile application. If possible, ask the development company the cost at each stage of the process. It should be able to heed your request, and you may proceed to compare the enterprises based on the cost breakdown. This phase is crucial because you may determine the responsiveness and willingness of the firm to do business with you.

You can walk away if 1) you are not satisfied with the answers to your questions and 2) the company representative refuse to let you communicate with the actual persons who will develop your app. There are also instances when the development firm refuses to disclose information, citing non-disclosure agreement with its previous clients. Provided – but the app should be on either Apple app store or Google Play which it can show you for confirmation purposes.

Strategically, you need to understand if there is a good fit between your requirements and the development company. If the representative cannot divulge the information you need, you may not be able to determine if that’s the right company for your development needs. For one, you need to know if it will fit your budget or not. It would be wise to move on to the next candidate in your shortlist.

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