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Amazing Facts the Fast Fashion Industry is hiding from you

Nowadays, the fashion industry gets lots of publicity. The excess, clearly sexual ads, humanitarian concerns, lawsuits, wastes, the list could go on and on. Giants in the industry devote millions to powerful PR campaigns, going as far as ‘donate proceeds’ and ‘conscious collections’ for causes

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How to Dress for a Cocktail Party

When attending a cocktail party, you need to put on the right type of dress. As a woman, wearing the wrong type of dress for a cocktail event may pass a wrong message. Confused on how to properly dress for a cocktail? Worry not! We’ve

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Do you need a Specially Made Dress for Prom?

A promenade dance which is commonly referred to as prom, refers to a special gathering of students which involves formal dance usually held at the end of an academic year. Proms are very popular event among students in the United States, and they are organised