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Comfort or style on the bike?

There are a lot of times we need to face this great dilemma of comfort or style when it comes to taking our bicycle, either for some urban travel, for a walk or for training. The purely personal attitude of how everyone wants to get

All you need to know about EDLI

Employees Deposit Linked Insurance The employees who have joined the Employees’ Provident Fund are covered by the EDLI or Employee’s Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme, 1976 which provides a lump sum payment to the insured’s nominated beneficiary in the event of death caused due to illness, natural

Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Sports Medicine

Are you aware of the term ‘sports medicine”? Well, this field is the integrative one which confers varied advantages not only to the sports personalities and athletes but also normal individuals who experience serious injuries or wounds when exercising or else taking part in tournaments.