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Gift ideas

Sentimental Gift ideas: Types of Gift Baskets

When it comes to gifting someone special a lot of things crop up; Will the person like it? Will it be useful? What will be the reaction? The list of questions goes on and one keeps brooding over a the possible ideas. Long gone are

Paneer Recipes

Paneer Recipes to Die for

For those who are fond of veg dishes in India prefers paneer. Whenever it comes to veg dishes, paneer tops the list. This is because; it is versatile and can be cooked in different styles. It is a type of fresh cheese which is a

Motivation Assessment

All you need to Know about Motivation Assessment

For every company to hire a reliable candidate is the foremost important thing. However, often times come when people don’t really understand the right pattern to actually hire the candidates, who are worth and sufficient for the company. At such time, their investment may go

Train Journeys

The Joy of Train Journeys with Friends!

It is a convenience to travel by air and shorten the travelling journeys, but air travel does not give the same joy as a train travel with friends would give. Yeah, it’s more comfortable to travel by air where you have air hostesses to serve

currency derivatives margin calculator

Looking for trades in currency market? Check this

There are different markets in which one can carry out the trading activities on different stock exchanges. The cash segment, commodity, F&O, and Currency are some of the terms which are known to every trader or investor who is either active in the stock market