Why Automated Heated Wiper Blades are Essential for Professional Drivers

Automated heated wiper blades have become the standard in many areas for professional drivers—ranging from emergency service vehicles to first response plow trucks and everything in between. Unlike standard wipers, automated heated wiper blades contain a unique heating component which prevents the disastrous build up of ice and snow on a windshield wiper. This type of build up can cause a host of problems while driving, ranging from annoyances such as being out in the cold to dangerous issues such as vision impairment. For professional drivers who live or work in areas where ice and snow are common during the winter months, automated heated wiper blades are an essential—but if you’re still not convinced, take a look at the following reasons why professional drivers should use heated wiper blades in their vehicles.

They prevent vision impairment on the road

One of the most problematic issues when it comes to the buildup of snow and ice on wiper blades is the fact that it causes impaired vision. When ice and snow build up on wiper blades, it causes icy streaks to be left on the window shield; these streaks block the view of the driver, making it difficult to see through the ice and snow debris. Rather than remove the ice and snow, the wipers are actually causing it to spread around. This type of vision impairment can lead to accidents, especially if conditions on the road or weather conditions are not good.

Automated heated wiper blades take care of the problem by preventing it from occurring in the first place. When the heated wiper blades sense that it is below freezing, they automatically turn on; this way, if ice and snow attempt to build up on the blades, the heating component gradually melts them, preventing the type of serious build up that causes vision impairment.

They help professional drivers save time—and money

For professional drivers such as truck drivers who transport goods across different areas, even a few extra minutes can cause a significant difference in their paycheck. If drivers have to constantly stop and remove snow and ice from their wiper blades, this could easily add enough to their driving time to cause them to be late with their shipments. With automated heated wiper blades, there is no need to stop—the snow and ice are taken care of by the blades themselves.

They help emergency services save time—and lives

Every minute counts when it comes to first responders and other emergency services. Emergency vehicles that need to respond to a situation immediately don’t have the time to manually remove ice before driving, or while on their way to an emergency. Heated wiper blades will ensure that there is no need to stop, and no chance of the emergency vehicle driver having their vision impaired by a window blocked with snow and ice debris. This time-saving feature not only saves time, it could actually—in the case of emergency responders—save lives.

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