How To Bail Someone Out Of Jail?

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A person who has been charged with a crime or arrested requires posting a bail for coming out of jail. A bond is a deposit of money that ensures the court that the defendant will be present for all of his/her hearings and wouldn’t run away. ‘Bailing someone out’ is providing the bond money so that the defendant does not require to be locked up in jail.

Let us know about the various steps you will be needing to take for bailing someone out of jail.

Bail Bond Agents Los Angeles

  • After getting detained, the accused person is presented before the judge where the judge decides the person’s bail. Some charges have bond amount already fixed by the law.
  • Different metropolitan police have different holding locations. So ask the person where s/he has been detained
  • Several jurisdictions keep an online database for the booking process. So, you may search for the person’s booking status by searching it on court’s website.
  • In several cases, bail is not always necessary. Especially, if the accused person is first time offender, s/he can be released on his own
  • There are different types of bond posted to get someone out of jail. Know about it. The most common ones are:
  • Private bail bonds – where you pay 10% of the total bail amount
    • Public bail bonds – where you pay 10% of the total bail amount to the state.
    • Signature bond or own recognizance – where the defendant agree to appear before the court for all his/her hearing and in case, s/he fails to do so, they must pay a financial penalty.
    • Property bonds – here real property is used as collateral to pay the bond. If the defendant doesn’t show up for all his/her hearing, the court has full right to the property.
  • If the bail amount is very high, you may contact reliable bail bond agents in Los Angeles. Bondsmen usually charge around 10-15% of the total bail amount for their fees. In lieu, they post the bond and make sure that the defendant appears before the court for all his/her hearings.
  • After getting the bond paid, the accused will be released out of jail. Make sure that s/he shows up for his court date in order to get the bail amount returned.

Conclusion – be it you or any of your friends or family members, getting detained is always an unwanted situation. But if you keep some useful information regarding bail and bail bonds, it makes the situation less panicking.

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