Balinese Massage: A Way Of Body Rejuvenation And Holistic Treatment

Massage has been the most traditionally known and well equipped form of body treatment mainly done for relaxation of the body. Right from the birth of a child to the tiredness treatments, massage has generally been the most common form used for body relaxation. Nowadays, Balinese massage has been a very common full body massage treatment popularly being used for the body relaxation.


What is Balinese Massage?

Balinese massage is actually a full-body based holistic treatment for the deepest body tissues. It is generally a combination of different gentle stretches, reflexology, acupressure treatments and serene aromatherapy that is mainly used for stimulating the blood flow along with the oxygen and “qi” (energy) throughout the body.

How is it done?

It is mainly carried on by the therapists who start from the foot massage sliding towards the legs, moving onto the back and arms with firm frictions and, finally massaging the scalp in slow motions.

The entire treatment includes strokes like-

  • Gentle stretches
  • Skin rolling
  • Kneading
  • Stroking
  • Acupressure by stimulating the pressure-points for higher blood flow, lymph and energy flow

Why go for Balinese Massage?

Balinese massage has been proved beneficial for almost everybody going for it. It has been found pretty effective on a list of ailments such as- migraine, arthritis, muscle and joint pain, asthma, allergies, stress, sleep disorder, depression or anxiety.

Benefits of Balinese massage 

  • Improved blood and oxygen flow
  • Improved body balance
  • Boosts the body immunity
  • Alleviates sleep disorders
  • Alleviates muscles strain and joint pain
  • Body energiser and tension reliever
  • Rejuvenates the Human body system
  • Relieves a list of diseases

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