Bangalore’s Mantri Mall debacle Select constructions that follow safety guidelines

Earlier this year, Bengaluru was shocked by the Mantri Mall debacle that occurred during the middle of the day when the shopping mall was filled with completely abuzz with people. A part of the wall on the rear side of fourth floor collapsed leaving at least 4 people injured. The 4 people who were affected by this unforeseen damage were immediately rushed to KC General Hospital nearby for first aid. Now cracks have been observed on the walls of the third floor as well. The city police as well as the fire officials immediately rushed to the busy shopping mall in order to bring the situation under control. Officials with the BBMP are of the opinion that the wall could have collapsed because of inherent structural problems. It is now also feared that that large water tanks on top of the mall might have actually contributed to this mishap. BBMP has now cancelled occupancy certificate of the shopping mall and have indefinitely shut it down.

Along with the wall, a part of the roof and the scaffolding collapsed which ultimately led to the injury of the house-keeping staff. This incident naturally triggered immediate chaos within the facility as hundreds and thousands of people visiting the mall tried to run to their safety. The ongoing film shows got canceled mid-way and the other shows were called off as well. The BBMP authorities have asked the mall owners to present with evidence that supports the fact that Mantri mall is completely safe for all workers, customers and patrons before it can be opened once again for regular usage.

This major constructional debacle once again reinforces the importance of following safety guidelines while building large civic or public properties. Many construction companies actually do not follow the best construction techniques which eventually lead to serious mishaps, injuries and even loss of lives later on. Due to this reason, it is extremely important to only hire the best working personnel in order to build a large house or any other civic structure. Flats and similar homes are major investments in any person’s life where they expect their children and future generations to grow old and develop many nice memories. However, improper and faulty constructions can lead to serious accidents like these which can leave a permanent scar on the memories and lives of the people living in such homes.

It is due to this reason that a property should always be purchased from reliable construction experts and builders who are well known for offering the finest residential projects. For instance, there are currently many apartments for sale in Sarjapur Road that come with a wide range of infrastructural benefits. Many of these are also available at the most affordable rates and really look great when considered from an aesthetic viewpoint. However, it is still important to consider the real estate builder who has been responsible in creating the project from the scratch. The best real estate companies that have been operating for many years only make use of the finest quality materials and building techniques to create the flats and villas. This means that the flats in Sarjapur road that are created by well known builders come with the added assurance that the homes will stand strong against the test of time and possible mishaps.

Many builders nowadays make use of earthquake-proof building techniques that help in providing added security and protection to a building. Also, you can be sure of the efficiency and safety of a building project when you see a reliable name is attached to it. So when you are looking for flat for sale in Sarjapur Road, make sure that you only opt for the projects that are build by reputable builders. One thing you can be sure of them is that they will never compromise on quality for saving money. This helps to make sure that all of their projects are equipped with the best safety features.

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