Basic Knowledge on Ventilation

Many might think that natural ventilation is enough to keep their homes healthy and comfortable.Natural ventilation usually arises when there are small holes or cracks in a home, which is something that many people avoid in order to preserve energy. Constantly opening of windows and doors, also falls under natural ventilation, ventilation is sending the air that is currently circulating in your home out, and constantly replacing it with fresh air. As natural ventilation methods can often result in irregular and overpowering amounts, it is necessary to consider other options.

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Spot Ventilation

This is a type of ventilation method that helps improve your natural ventilation system; it uses different entities to assist ventilating the house in a healthier manner. One of the most commonly used components are exhaust fans, it removes polluted air, and reduces heat while bringing in moisture or vice versa. Installing such components, including events and other ventilation equipment when combined results in your very own ventilation system.

Ventilation Systems

Since natural ventilation isn’t the best method of getting fresh and healthy air, it would be better to focus more on getting a full function ventilation system. To do this, it is necessary to make sure your house is sealed and does not possess any leaks or cracks for air to seep through. A ventilation system is fixed to exchange the air coming in from the air going out without wasting energy. Having a ventilator is of high importance during the winter and summer; the air circulating in your home, during these seasons can result in very unhealthy situations. During the years, ventilation systems have been developed and improved leaving us with many options to choose from.

Supply Ventilation Systems

These ventilation systems have better control on how much air is coming in and going out, a method that it uses is, it pressurizes the home, and in other words, it uses a certain component to force the air outside to move into the home, while another air vent leaks air outside. Using supply ventilation refrains polluted air from coming in. Supply ventilation systems are not very complicated and cost effective. It is mostly used in hot climates rather than cold, this is due to the ventilation system not being able to remove moisture from the air before it enters the home, which may result in decay and higher heating cost.

Balanced Ventilation Systems

The name itself may give you an idea on what this ventilation system does. It makes sure that the air coming from outside and the air going out from the inside are equal. It enables good distribution of fresh air by placing vents in suitable areas in your home. Balanced ventilation systems use filters to remove dust and different types of pollution entering the house. But similar to supply ventilation systems it does not have control over the amount of moisture coming in.

Since ventilation is an integral part of any home. Following the above tips will be beneficial to you and your family.

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