Be The Hunter, Hit Your Competition Hard

The online space is becoming extremely crowded when it comes to websites, content, and competition. Getting ahead of competitors is harder than ever, and the battle can’t be won just with originality or great ideas. Sometimes, one must look closer to their competition and try to copy, improve and apply some of their winning strategies. There’s nothing bad about it, everybody needs to learn from someone, and learning from competitors is your best pick. The text below will guide you through the process of locating your competitors and using their tactics in your favor.

Identify the competition

To win the race, you need to know who is competing with you. This may seem like a straightforward task, but once you try to identify your most influential competitors, you may find yourself in trouble. Yes, you probably know who are your direct competitors, but ask yourself what do you know about indirect and perceived ones.

Indirect competitors are the ones who sell similar products or services but also work well outside of your niche as well. The best way of locating them is to do thorough keyword analysis. That way, you’ll be able to see who is competing with you for the same product terms.

The hardest group to identify is most certainly perceived, or „replacement” ones. They usually sell a completely different product but are fighting for your customers’ time. A good example is digital camera brands. They are forced to fight for customers with smartphone brands since cameras are included in phones, and the need for the separate item is dropping. To locate your perceived competitors, you should use social listening tools and customer surveys. That way, you’ll see what people think about your product and if there’s some conflict with it.

Look for their best content

Once you found your strongest competitors, you are ready to start looking for their most shared pages. Visit their websites, Facebook pages, and other social media platforms. You’ll easily find out what type of content and topics are working well for them so that you may try the same. Of course, you will need to work on your content on every level. You’ll need in-depth „hero,” „hub” (guides), and „hygiene” (blog posts) pieces to fight the competition with success. Go ahead, count their social shares, and try to win their audience.

Evaluate competition’s technical SEO

It can happen that you forgot to include some of the basic SEO strategies, and a little bit of spying can help. Try to determine if your competitors tagged titles appropriately, if they use keywords without stuffing, if their pages are engaging, and do they use multimedia content to attract visitors.

Once you’re done with basic stuff, it is the right time to go deeper, if you contact any SEO agency they will surely recommend you use HTTPS which can implement HSTS. This is important for your site’s security. Find out if their page is responsive, meaning it’s using AMP (accelerated mobile pages), which can come in handy to get a mobile audience. If your website’s code is a little bit outdated, make sure to improve it. Your visitors’ experience will improve if it has a fresh design and is fast.

Take a glance at their back-links

This effort can benefit your cause in the future. Use one of the available online tools and look up for your competition’s back-links. These tools can show you how popular their content may become and see the wider audience they engaged. With this knowledge, you may try the same and find out if you can tap into a new niche that can benefit you as well.

Start targeting different industries and specific websites that might be relevant once you start planning a new marketing campaign. Unfortunately, some of your best pieces of content won’t stimulate audience and generate back-links easily. Because of that, it is crucial that you go through your competitor’s back-links and see who, and why, got interested in their content.

Final thoughts

As you can see, the path toward success is going through the wood of competitors and getting out of it, you should blend in and learn as much as you can from them. Their success shouldn’t be the reason for your frustration, rather the source of information and knowledge. Keep your eyes wide open when it comes to competition since moves of your competitors will show you the way you should take to get ahead of them.

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