How to Become a Game Developer?

How can you become a video game developer

Willing to be a computer or a mobile game developer is certainly a great idea, as this industry is growing by leaps and bounds these days. According to a few media and entertainment experts, the industry’s potential is such that it can surpass movies to be the world’s biggest entertainment industry.

It is obvious that with the growth this industry, even the employment opportunities will grow. Today, instead of a small team of developers, several groups of experts are required for designing, storyboarding, and writing narratives for games. So, how do you become a part of it? Here are the simple steps for it:

What is the way of becoming a game developer

Learn Math and Programming Skills

It is essential to know programming for a gaming developer. Coding is nothing but thinking and implementing a mathematical equation to tell the computer or mobile to respond or process in some specific way. This is why even math skills have an important role to play. A beginner looking for a degree in video game programming must be strong in trigonometry, linear algebra, algorithms, physics, and calculus. You can try one or more of the following:

  • Consider getting a bachelor’s degree  in computer science, computer engineering, or some other bachelor’s  program for video game developer, which often has C++, calculus, computer graphics and animations, object-oriented design, network fundamentals, and game algorithms
  • Go for a major in computer science if you are not a proficient in the subject. In case of a specialized degree, consider researching about the professors who need to be experienced instead of only being theoretical.
  • Learn modern languages such as Python, C++, Assembler, Java, ActionScript, and Swift (C++ and Python are in demand).
  • While learning to code, decide the areas that you are interested in! After doing so, give them more attention and work on personal projects related to those interests.
  • Design your own game in free time. This is the best way to learn it and apply your skills! Start with a simple game and follow a DIY approach completely.

Build a Portfolio

How can you become a video game developerThere is no better way, especially for a fresher, to have a demo of their skills. It is also the most effective way to get appraised or employed! A successful portfolio should have small games that a player can play up to completion, links to all installation tools, and source codes.

Finding Job

Entry level people may find it tough to get into the video game industry, as major companies or studios need experience. Here are some ways to make it easier:

  • Intern to gain experience. You can search online for such internships or even via your school. To gain working experience you can intern at a company like mobile game developer Murka, initially founded by Max Polyakov. The benefits of an internship include references from industry people, familiarity with the reality of work, and contacts with people in the field.
  • Research each company where you are willing to apply.


As a gaming developer, you may design core game features, animate objects, plan a game design, review a game, or test it. You may also work at the concept, production, or maintenance stage. A gaming developer, whether for computer, online or mobile games, has a highly creative career and tough competition to face. Well, this itself indicates the high demand for talented individuals. Thus, you need to gain the required skills and fulfill other prerequisites.

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