Benefits of Plasma Cutting Tables Most People are Unaware


Cutting and milling are one of the most needed processes for most of the manufacturing and fabricating companies. There is an increased effort to make every process easy and automated and that is where a plasma cutting table comes in. When it comes to companies that need metal fabrication, a plasma cutting table is the most commonly used as it allows the users to cut custom metal parts as per requirements.


Several Benefits of Using Cutting Tables:

  • Extremely Fast: The plasma cutters are quick and efficient and are capable of cutting through any material swiftly and thus, you can complete bulk orders easily with this machine. These cutters are kind of instant cutting machines that torch the material the very moment it touches the cutter. This gives a lot of speed and accuracy to the task on hand. This makes the machine save you a lot of time and thereby invest precious time of the workers in productive tasks other than cutting.
  • A Perfect Cut: A plasma cutting table gives a smoothly cut edge unlike a lathe machine or any manual cutting method. The minutest cuttings done by a plasma machine are fine and precise without any flaws. You only need to ensure that the right dimensions are taken into reference while cutting. The cutting process is accurate and precise and that is why this machine is extremely reliable for any cutting process.
  • High Precision: The only care you need to take while using plasma cutting tables is that you have a tight cutting torch and a perfectly working software without any errors to operate it. With these 2 factors ensured, you can never have a wrongly cut product with wrong dimensions. The cutting is precise and the incision is clean and smooth without even a single trace of roughness.
  • It has Versatile Applications: As a plasma cutter has the capacity to cut through thick as well as think materials with equal perfection, one can consider the plasma cutting table to be an all type cutting machine. This is a lifesaver for manufacturing industries which have varying needs of cutting tools. One plasma cutting table will serve the purpose of all types of cutting tools for any metal with varying thickness of any range.
  • Easy and Flexible to Use: You can either have a CNC software to govern the working of these machines or handle it yourself. Also, the software that governs its working can be changed or modified easily according to the requirements. So, you do not need to have different machines for varying task. A single plasma cutting table can do all the cutting tasks if required.
  • High Efficiency: These machines are capable of cutting through thick metal with low heat input due to the turbulent gas technology in conjunction with technical gases. This enables the plasma cutting tables to be extremely efficient and energy saving. This is an added advantage along with its speedy cutting technique. This machine performs excellently for thin as well as thick metal pieces.


Plasma cutters do not qualify as low cost cutters. These cutters need a lot of investment but in return you get quality cutting. Also, this machine is a long lasting one with low maintenance costs. So, you can consider it to be a onetime investment machine. The only drawback of the machine is its high costs and a wide kerf. You can also use the plasma cutting table under water to reduce heat affecting of the material to be cut and the high noise level around the workplace.

With all this, it is clearly established that a plasma cutting table is the most favourable for any manufacturing industry that needs metal cutters.

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