Benefits of Wearing Cat’s Eye

cat’s eye gem stone

cat's eye

Gem stones according to Indian astrological studies can bring a lot of positive changes in a human’s life. What one should wear depends on their star positions according to their birth charts which are studied by the experienced astrologers. There are many precious gem stones available in the market but all the stones do not have positive effects on everyone. One has to wear the right kind of stone to get benefits.

Before knowing about cat’s eye gem stone benefits one has to know what exactly a cat’s eye is. As the name suggests, this stone has a similarity with the cat’s eye. It is said to inject the benefits of wisdom and intellect in an individual. The stone is found in a lot of colors like yellowish green, honey, black and green. All of them are the authentic gem stones.

It is said that once this stone is worn it nullifies the bad effects of ketu and rahu on human beings. When you go back to Hindu mythology you will find that both rahu and ketu were together till the Kheer Sagar got churned and a pitcher full of nectar was retrieved. This nectar pitcher actually built a lot of confusion among the demons and gods. In this huge clash Rahu being a demon presented himself as a god by disguise and got some nectar and when he drank it the Sun got his trick and slit his head into two pieces.

As Rahu’s body became divided into two parts it has lived with two names Rahu and Ketu and due to the nectar effect they have become immortal. This is the story that goes in Indian mythology. The said gem stone is said to be the one which removes the malefic effects of these two from an individual’s life. Cat’s eye gem stone has lots of benefits along where it can save one from all the bad effects of Ketu. This stone is also believed to bring in some good comfort to a person’s materialistic life because it helps in gaining wealth and a good luck to the individual who wears it. This stone saves one from any kind of accidents that can happen anytime and also helps an individual to rise above from their physical weakness .The stone helps one to get accustomed to new and good surroundings around one by improving their harmony along with others. It helps one to accept their own self and keep them as it is. If you have a problem with stabilizing your emotions then you have to wear this stone to get better results.

The stone has some amazing healing powers. If one wears this as a ring or a pendant then it can cure some major diseases like paralysis, leukemia and other bad effects caused by the planets of Mars. This brings a lot of fortune and prosperity in one’s life.

 This stone is very smooth and shiny. If one wants to buy panna stone online, they can check the websites that deals with gem stones.


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