Best Dishes that Can be Made with Chicken

Chicken is something that every non vegetarian absolutely loves. Some might love chicken more than everything else and some might not love chicken to that extent but whatever be the case chicken is something that everyone in general likes to eat. Chicken might not have as much of a variety as maybe something like fish has, but chicken can more than make up for it due to the fact that chicken goes great with almost everything and as a result there are numerous different dishes that can be created using chicken as the main ingredient.

The taste profile of chicken is such that it complements almost everything. You can cook chicken with almost anything and everything and it would turn out to be good in most cases. You can literally choose five ingredients that go well with each other and cook chicken by using those ingredients and you would have yourself a delicious dish. It is also worth mentioning that cooking chicken is very easy and it takes very little time. You can do almost anything and everything with chicken. One clever thing that you can do to reduce the cooking time is to add papaya while you cook chicken. This helps cook the chicken faster.

There are numerous dishes that have chicken as their main ingredient. Out of them few are loved all over the world no matter what culture religion or place you are from.

Chilli chicken

One of the most famous and popular dish is the chilli chicken. The name chilli chicken is pretty self-explanatory. The gravy in this dish tends to be pretty spicy.

Chicken burger

Now there are people out there who prefer less spicy foods. There are numerous delicious mouth-watering dishes that can be prepared with chicken as the main ingredient which are not as spicy as chilli chicken. A great example would be the simple chicken burger. This is a food that is extremely popular worldwide. Almost every major city throughout the world has at least one fast food outlet that sells chicken burger. Many food critiques might say that burger is not a delicacy and there are other dishes that can be prepared with chicken that would titillate even the sensitive palate of food critiques.

Tahini Roasted Chicken

It is a dish that would make even the hardest of the critiques smile if cooked and served properly.

Grilled chicken sandwich

A simple grilled chicken sandwich with cheese which is probably one of the easiest dishes to make is like a delicacy. A hot grilled chicken cheese sandwich tastes like heaven inside your mouth when you are hungry.

Tandoori chicken

It is a dish that is probably one of the best preparations of chicken. The burst of flavour inside your mouth when you eat the tender tandoori chicken cooked to perfection keeps you asking for more.

There is no perfect substitute for chicken in this world we live in. There may be something that tastes just as good but nothing can ever be as convenient and as tasty as chicken as a whole.

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