Best and Inexpensive Knee Replacement Surgery in Indian Hospitals

Knee replacement surgery known otherwise as knee arthroplasty is done to replace the damaged knee or the portions of the knee with artificial parts or a knee. This is done to relieve the pain and improve mobility so that the patient can participate more fully in daily activities.

Low cost in India

The knee replacement cost in India is comparatively low. It is only $6,000 compared to $10,000 in Mexico, and $45,000 in the US. The low cost in India is the reason why many foreigners prefer their medical treatment in India. This has made India a hub for medical tourism. The wonderful hospital infrastructure and the good support service from the paramedical staff helps the foreigners enjoy their stay in India.

Types of knee surgeries

Knee replacement surgery could be either a total knee replacement or a partial knee replacement. For those whose knee is totally damaged, a total knee replacement is needed. In this, the entire load bearing portion of the knee including the bone and cartilage is removed and replaced by an artificial knee.

Partial knee replacement surgery

In case, there is only partial damage, the surgeon will remove only these potions of the knee and replace them with the new plastic or metal pieces to give stability to the joint. The surgeon will decide which one you need by going over the scans and x-rays that show the status of the knee joint.

This type of surgery is known as the uni-compartmental knee replacement or unicondylar knee replacement. In total knee replacement, all three compartments of the knee are replaced. A man-made prosthetic joint made of metal or plastic is kept in the place of the worn out and damaged knee. The tibia portion of the joint is replaced by a durable polymer tray. A strong metal alloy replaces the femur portion. More plastic pieces are used to replace the patella portion of the kneecap. The total surgery time will run to 2-3 hours.

Use of minimal invasive technique

In case the situation warrants it, minimally invasive surgery is adopted. In this, the size of the incision is only 3-5 inches long instead of the standard 12 inches long one. The smaller size of the incision makes the bleeding less and the recovery time is also lesser compared to that of the normal procedure.

Revision knee surgery

At times, one may need to replace a prosthetic joint that has worn out, or failed. In this case, the surgeon will remove the old joint and replace it with a new one. This can be repeated many times but the formation of scar tissue prevents too many repetitions.

Excellent hospital facilities in India

Apart from the low knee replacement cost in India, the hospital facilities are also excellent. The follow-up physiotherapy and patient care is exceptional. The people of India are particularly outgoing and friendly. This makes the treatment an enjoyable experience.

For the first few days of surgery, the wound is soaked in water and dried. This is to ensure that it is thoroughly sealed. It will take at least 20-25 days to recover fully from the surgery. You must avoid high-impact activities such as playing sports or walking up or down the staircase. One must not lift weights, move, or bend suddenly.

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