Best Mobile Apps for Busy Managers

The role of managers in any corporate setup is indispensable. It’s a responsibility that not anyone can do and requires some level of expertise. This is exactly why companies invest considerable time making sure that they get the right people on board.

But in as much as how managers would like to do more, there are just times when the workload goes beyond what they can do for a specified period. This is where mobile apps come in handy. They can be accessed anywhere, round-the-clock. More importantly, they are mostly automated, which is guaranteed to help you work faster.

Here is a list of the most practical apps busy managers can use to schedule, organize and accomplish their daily tasks.


We are all aware of how important communication is in the workplace. It keeps the operations running smoothly and ensures that all emergency issues are addressed automatically. Instead of individually emailing people who are involved in the project, this app facilitates better internal communication among members and facilitates teamwork. It is also efficient in monitoring who is supposed to submit what and when.


Whether it’s note-taking, storing photos, writing blog drafts and even publishing written content in a clean layout, Evernote has you covered. It’s an intuitive tool that makes it easier for managers to store files and drafts for easy access later on. If you’re trying to collect data and want to get back to them later on for reference, you can easily store the current information on the app. Accessing it through your desktop is also possible and the best thing is, you can automatically configure its mobile app to sync with any updates or changes you make through the desktop.


Google has tons of features meant to help users make their online experience more seamless. Google Calendar is one of them. As you might have noticed, there are already lots of calendar apps popping out of Google Play, and Apple Store and these have all synonymous functions. Still, using Google’s very own is an advantage especially if you are just using it for your internal corporate monitoring.

You may choose to import your team’s calendar especially when they are up for a business meeting overseas. It can also be used to set reminders of appointments, submissions and the like to employees who tend to easily forget things.


Scheduling of social media posts on your company’s online profile is a crucial task for any manager. If they don’t do it personally, they usually have the final say whether or not a material is worthy of sharing. Handling multiple social media accounts can be exhausting, not to mention time-consuming.

This is a significant disadvantage give that there are other tasks on your plate that needs to be taken care of. Buffer is an app that allows you to schedule posts ahead of time, so you won’t have to log in to those accounts individually. Also, the app is equipped with advanced features that allow you to view the optimum time when your previous posts received the most engagement from viewers.

From here, you can then reassess your strategy and make adjustments to ensure that more people see your material.


Avid users of this tool would probably agree that storing files in it is a wise decision. Apart from its efficient security details, it also allows users to share files like documents, photos, and videos to other people. As a manager, you can benefit a lot from Dropbox especially when delegating tasks to various individuals in the team.


Monitoring invoice and other billing details is a task that managers need to handle. One can have an independent team doing the legwork, but the final report and assessment have to be processed by the head. FreshBooks is an intuitive tool that allows managers to seamlessly handle the invoices to make sure that payments between clients, business partners and other concerned stakeholders are taken care of well.


If you’re a manager assigned to make travel arrangements for executive members of the company as well as the members of your team, then HIPMUNK is an efficient tool. This allows users to import multiple calendars into the app for easier viewing of schedule differences. Knowing the schedules of the participating individuals makes it easier to agree on flight schedules and email flight notification.

The work of managers is never easy. It requires a combination of skills like patience, technical expertise, and people skills. Using the apps we mentioned on the list helps professionals handling the position to perform their work better – faster.

With constant innovation at its peak, we shouldn’t be surprised to see more apps of practical usage appearing on Play Store or Apple Store. Your task is to sort out which of these tools serve you well. Remember that not all that worked for others can also work for you. Start with the tools we have on the list and see how it improves your corporate performance!

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