The Best on-Page SEO Tips For Taking Your BlogSpot Blog To The Top

To get the best possible blogging experience, SEO (search engine optimisation) is the most vital thing to learn. Don’t even dream of impressive search engine traffic if you lack proper blog optimisation. This article takes a look at the most excellent on-page SEO tips for taking BlogSpot blogs to the top of search results. Read them and you will certainly learn something new even if you’ve read other similar articles in the past. Here are the tips that will greatly benefit your blog when optimising for Google and other major search engines.

Custom robots header tags

Bloggers can personally execute some of their blog’s settings to make them much more SEO-friendly. One among such settings is the custom robots header tags. Using them correctly is very beneficial indeed. Managing them in your BlogSpot settings is quite easy.

Custom robots.txt

Search engine bots such as Googlebot (Google’s web-crawling robot) need to be guided on how they should crawl and index your blog. You can prevent them from indexing certain unimportant labels and pages. This is to safeguard your blog from being penalised for fielding duplicate content and other related issues.

Optimising titles

You will probably never be aware that the title of your blog postis not correctly optimised for search engines if, you created your blog using any of blogger’s templates. You need to execute some editing in the blog template to optimise your blog post titles properly, says a major SEO Company uk. This the big firm says, will enable you notice a significant change in the volume of organic traffic you see visiting your blog.

Optimising images

You’ve definitely noticed posts on several blogs featuring relevant images between them. In addition to enhancing the appearance of your content, images also play a very vital role in optimising your blog posts. If you use images effectively in your blog posts, you will certainly attract additional traffic from the search engines.

Internal SEO linking

Most bloggers do not optimise their blog’s internal links, or don’t even internally link their blog’s posts to one another. This is a huge mistake you must avoid. In addition to boosting your blog’s page views, internal linking also helps in making your posts rank well with major search engines.

Submitting to search engines

When your blog optimisation is complete and ready, then you must submit your blog to Google webmaster tools. Verifying and submitting your blog helps in getting Google to index it very fast. It also reveals any issues you blog might have. Issues like needed HTML improvements, broken links and so on, all of which you must then try and resolve as quickly as possible. All you need do is to verify the ownership of your BlogSpot blog then submit a sitemap of the blog. That is all there is to it.

These are only some of the tips. There are a few others that have not been mentioned here. But you should not ignore any of these major ones. According to the firm that offers SEO in uk, implementing all of them will not only see you maximally optimising your blog, it will also ensure that you get a huge raise in the volume of organic traffic that visits your blog.

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