The Best Places in the Philippines for Retirement

“And in the end, it is not the years in your life that count. It is the life in your years.” –Abraham Lincoln

Retirement can mean quite a lot of things to different individuals, but for the majority of them, it is living the rest of their lives in perpetual bliss and vacation—an uninterrupted respite from all the years of hard work and labor in the years prior. In fact, retirement is seen as a way to permanently escape the fast paced and stressful existence of full-time employment—an unending vacation wherein you would not have to worry about paper works, deadlines, and meetings. With this in mind, it is only appropriate that you choose the best and most suitable location for you.

There is no need to fret as you need not search far. Recently, the Philippines has been voted as one of the best expat retirement places in the world this year according to And here are five of the best locations that any retiree ought to retire to:


If you are looking for a dynamic fusion between the city, provincial and island life, then your best option would be Cebu City. From the city itself, it would not take you beyond forty-five minutes (weather and traffic permitting) to reach the pristine beaches of Mactan, or the sprawling and lush sights of Mt. Busay. Additionally, Metro Cebu boasts of premier tutelage centers, innumerable entertainment options, an international airport and world class hospitals. Currently, more and more developers are choosing to situate their properties in Cebu which would mean that you will invariably get a wide selection of properties to choose from should you choose this city.


A retiree looking for a place in proximity to Metro Manila would be happy to know that Laguna has this as the perfect and biggest draw. Despite its provincial veneer, potential residents would be pleased to know that the province is rife with many projects which include Ayala Land’s Nuvali project in Sta. Rosa City—essentially the byproduct of cultivating an integrated township idea. It includes medium and high-rise condos, retail shops, various offices and gated communities making this a top choice for a retirement location.


Another alternative to Laguna would be Cavite. Its proximity and easy access to Metro Manila are just two of its major perks which the provinces uses to its full advantage. Property developers have slated Cavite as one of the top spots in the Philippines for real estate as the region is teeming with potential leisure property, local and OFW buyers who are all looking for homes.  Another major draw which would make living in Cavite even more alluring is Tagaytay City, which has been attracting tourists, retirees and locals alike for years.


They do not call Bacolod the city of smiles for nothing. From the good-natured locals to the extensive and sumptuous food selections, Bacolod has a lot to offer potential residents and retirees. Apart from that, the city’s economy is thriving through many of its various business establishments. In fact, the city has been named as the best place to live in the Philippines by the magazine, Moneysense back in the year 2008.  The major draw of Bacolod lies in the affordability of the city’s lifestyle where one would not constantly need to worry about buying the next meal or paying next month’s rent.


Iloilo has seen a boost business-wise over the recent years. Currently, there have been many developments which are soon to rise in this city coined as the City of Love. For one, Megaworld is set to develop their old airport to become the city’s business park and has just launched their ten-story, 156 unit One Madison Place Luxury Residences. Additionally, the city features top hospitals, schools, and an international airport.

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