Best SEO Tools for webmasters

If you are a webmaster then you know you have to use online tools on daily basis. Tools are the part of the development of our websites because without those tools webmaster might not able to rank their websites in the search engines.

Today we will discuss Top 4 Tools that are very useful for webmasters

1: Plagiarism Checkers

Plagiarism checker is used to check the quality of your content. Because coped content can harm your website ranking so you have to pass your text from plagiarism. Your article must be handwritten and unique. If you will write article by yourself it will be unique definatily but problem comes when you hire an article rewriter and you do not if he has written article by his own, or copy pasted from the internet. Check there Top plagiarism checker tools to make your blog posts 100% plagiarism free.

4: Domain Authority Checker

Domain authority is the rank of your website according to the other website. Domain and page authority is calculated by moz, it updated on monthly basis. Moz calculate domain authority of a website by considering different factors including backlinks to your website, age of your domain, quality of content and load speed of your website. Main factor is authority backlinks to your domain.  So if you want to get backlinks make sure you are getting quality backlinks, Use some website authority checker tools to check their metrics. Bulk domain authority checker by


3: Google Analytics

This tool is provided by google and it’s very use full tool to check details about your website traffic. You can check if your website traffic is organic or referral. Also you can check how many returning users you have in your website and what is the behavior of your visitors, they leave early or they stay on pages for more than a minute.  Also you can check which webpages of your websites are viewed more, and a lot of other things. Check google analytics tool here.

4: Google Webmaster

One of the best tool to check organic ranking of your website. you can check on which keyword your website is ranking and how many keywords need improvement. Also you can submit sitemaps using google webmaster tool, validate your robots.txt  file, check error in your webpages, positions in the search engine, daily click to your website, etc. It is a 100% free tool, check google webmaster tool.


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