Big Data Storage Challenges Solved with Enterprise Cloud Storage

Enterprise Cloud Storage

With today’s massive growth of corporate data IT managers are looking to the cloud for cost-effective highly scalable, high performance storage solutions. Some vendors offer gateway products that simply provide access to the cloud. While gateways may be sufficient for cold data and archival storage, they don’t offer the performance or functionality needed to support enterprise cloud storage and IT requirements.

Hybrid cloud NAS solution enables IT managers to implement an enterprise cloud storage storage infrastructure in the cloud. Some of the major drawbacks of cloud gateways include:

  1. Limited availability due to a Gateway failure that can bring down access to cloud storage.
  2. Poor performance caused by a gateway’s single path producing a bottleneck.
  3. Lack of scalability because gateways do not support scale out performance and capacity.
  4. Difficult storage management since data accessed via multiple gateways are handled as independent islands of storage

Hybrid cloud NAS solution resolves these drawbacks. With high availability enterprise cloud storage, all file system data is protected. Cluster failover offers uninterrupted access to data and if an edge filer node should fail, the data is protected.

Clusters monitor data access patterns and intelligently tiers data to optimize performance. Nodes can be added to the cluster to increase edge capacity, improving performance and reducing WAN access times. Enterprise cloud storage delivers flash level performance from the cloud.

Storage clusters accelerate performance for any application workload mix and support heterogeneous core filers and object-based cloud storage – both public and private options. Storage clusters can scale providing millions of operations per second performance and over hundreds of gigabytes per second throughput.

Storage management tasks are dramatically simplified with global namespace. All data is managed as a single pool. High capacity data repositories can be introduced anywhere within the namespace either on-premises or in cloud and data can be transparently load balanced across the repositories. The complexity of the physical location of their store and gateways data movement issues are resolved with the enterprise cloud storage.

Any file system volume can be migrated from NAS to the cloud and users experience no disruption while the migration happens. Enterprise cloud storage offers today’s enterprises high-performance, low-cost big data storage solutions.

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