How Your Body Reacts When you Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

How Your Body Reacts When you Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

The transition from smoking to vaping does wonders to the body. Did you know that changes occur within eight hours after quitting smoking? The results are that quick and instant. The body welcomes the new change and begins to act immediately.


Vaping has been on the rise in the recent times following the massive deaths of smokers. The vaping technology is safer than smoking. When you smoke, tar, carbon monoxide, and other unsafe chemicals fill the body.


The lungs become clogged and may result in cancer or heart attack. The direct smoke from cigarettes is harmful to the lungs and the breathing system in general. How does the body react when you ditch smoking for vaping? Let us have a look.


20 minutes

As early as twenty minutes after smoking, the blood pressure returns to normal. The heart rate also returns to its normal range. The body is very efficient in the removal of toxins. Since you are not adding more, the body starts to get rid of the already accumulated toxins immediately.

One Day

If you keep away from cigarettes for a whole day, your body will thank you. Your lungs will start clearing the tar that has accumulated over the years. The carbon monoxide that dwells in your lungs begins to exit as soon as a day after quitting smoking. When you smoke, the body struggles to keep the blood oxygenated as the carbon monoxide takes over.


The result could be a sudden heart attack. Vaping does not have any carbon monoxide. This means that vaping will rid your body of this harmful substance that comes from smoking. If you are a smoker or have interacted with one, you will notice his or her cold hands.

This is because of the excessive carbon monoxide that restricts the flow of oxygen into the blood. Within a day, you will notice that your hands are warm because the oxygenated blood is reaching them.

Two Days

This is where real change begins. Your sense of taste and smell will improve tremendously. Your taste and smell receptors heal and return to normal. When this happens, your food begins to taste better, and your smell becomes clear.

You will also join the nonsmokers in getting irritated by the smell of cigarettes. You will be conscious of small smells and tastes that you couldn’t feel before. This is a good sign that your body is healing and recovering slowly from all the smoking. All these changes will be noticed when you start vaping without any cigarettes. Imagine all the clogging that happens in the sinuses and the throat by tar.


The body begins to clean out all this mess. Most people have reported feeling stuffed and producing dark, thick mucus after coughing. This shows that the body is doing a thorough clean-up.

Three Weeks

At this point, you can breathe freely without any complications. You can run and exercise without gasping for breaths. The body has done most of the cleaning in your respiratory system. Your airways are clear, and oxygen is flowing smoothly to the blood.


Your nicotine craving and all the mood swings that come with smoking are gone. The vaping is doing your body some good by providing the required nicotine in a safe way.

Nine Months

By now, your body is all clean and fresh. Your apartment already smells different, and your clothes smell fresh after a wash. The body has cleared all the tar and carbon monoxide from your system. You will also notice that a cough that came constantly is long gone.


You no longer sound like a TB patient. At nine, months, you should confidently say you quit smoking, and you are now vaping. You are no longer receiving those judgmental looks from puffing a cigarette, or the irritated looks from the unbearable smell of tobacco. You still get to enjoy the tobacco taste from the tobacco e-juice.


Shifting from smoking to vaping is very easy. A few people have reported a slight cough, but this clears after a week. The benefits of vaping outweigh the risks. This is a new dawn for people struggling with smoking. After fifteen years of ditching smoking, your body resumes to the health level of a non-smoker.


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