Is Booking an Aparthotel a Good Choice for a Business Traveler?

aparthotel in beirut

Are you a frequent business traveler, wondering whether to book a hotel or an aparthotel? Your confusion will be far away once you read this article. In this day and age, a large number of startups’ owners prefer staying in aparthotels rather than hotels.

Let’s get through this write-up and find the reasons. But before this, have a closer look at aparthotels.


An ‘Aparthotel’ is the short name of the term ‘Apartment Hotel. It’s a fully serviced apartment, designed especially for business travelers. Reasons being, for a business traveler, accommodation is not just the place to stay in the night, but a place to live, work and feel at home. And, benefits of renting an aparthotel are that you can have a full-furnished apartment like your own home. The apartment hotels can offer you the additional perk of the hotel such as added comfort during your long-term stay.

If you are leisure and business traveler alike wants to enjoy the uniqueness of staying in hotel alternatives, then an aparthotel is a right choice. These days, apart hotels are becoming increasingly popular among travelers.

Now, let’s discuss what attracts business travelers to choose an Aparthotel in Beirut over a normal hotel.

Multitude of possibilities Under one Roof

Apartment Hotel brings you diverse accommodation options under one category that include boarding houses, long-stay hotels, apart-hotels, and many more. Considered a serviced accommodation, it is primarily used by long-term guests in urban environments. The rooms are well-furnished, and services vary from basic to complete hotel-like.

Depending on the kind of apartment hotel you have booked, the services may include frequent housekeeping, replacement of towels and linens several times a week, laundry facilities, high-speed Internet and telephone connections.

Room at Aparthotel

Like hotels, the aparthotel offers different categories of rooms. You can find the standard accommodations to sink into luxury, design, and comfort – but at lower prices when compared with the booking amount of a hotel.

Room category may include Deluxe rooms, junior suite, one bedroom apartment, two bedroom apartments, luxury room, luxury bedroom, and much more.

Some of the most common amenities and facilities of the apartment hotel include as such:

  • Own private balcony
  • Bedroom with a separate living room
  • Bed, sofa, seating area
  • LED TV, safe
  • Iron and Ironing Board
  • Individually controlled air conditioning
  • Complimentary Tea and Coffee tray
  • Bathroom Amenities
  • High-Speed Wi-Fi
  • Gym, bicycle, and transport systems, etc.

Below are differences between hotel and aparthotel

Space – Depending on the choice, your services apartment may also provide you enough space. You can have a separate kitchen, a living quarter to relax and enjoy other facilities like in hotels.  The apartment is ideal for small families (2+2) and as well as a group business travelers.

Flexibility – In an aparthotel, you have more flexibility than staying in a hotel accommodation. The apartment hotels provide you with great options to eat in or eat out. You can have meals of your choice. You can have your favorite drinks. It’s perfect for a person who wants to live the life of his own similar to when he or she is backing home.

Cost –Aparthotel is, without any doubt, great value for money. The longer the duration, the cheaper the nightly rates are. In the hotel, you are charged for additional meals, drinks, laundry and another service. In aparthotel, there is no bill for them.

Quality – Though an apartment hotel offers the same standard of accommodation as you find in a hotel, the expense is lower.  That’s why they are competing for the hotel industry.

Wrap Up

Are you still wondering whether to book a hotel or an aparthotel? I don’t think you are still. Let’s give a try to the best aparthotel in Beirut in your during your next trip.

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