Brand Metrics: Your Guide to a Tool for Performance Measurement

These days all the businesses take the help of social media for their marketing or brand building. But many business owners or manager do know if their efforts are giving any good result or not. Thankfully some brand analysis tools and solutions are there that can help you identify the status easily. You may not know much about it, so here I am sharing few details that can work your guide to a tool for performance measurement.

1.The number of unique visitors:  

When you do the brand analysis report   of your website to measure your performance, you need to check various things, and unique visitors is one of those. If you get a lot of new or unique visitors during your campaign period, you can consider that as a success. If this number remain stationary compared to the previous time, then you have to make changes in your marketing campaign.

2.Total new Page views:

Total pages views on your website also reflect the response of your marketing efforts.  You need to understand the page views and number of visits are different from each other. A visitor can visit multiple pages, and if you have higher page views, it is a good sign for your website. It means your content is unique and visitors are enjoying it.

3.Traffic from the search engine:  

This is not a hidden fact that most of the websites get huge amount of traffic from search engines. You need to check your visitors from search engines as well. If you are paying a lot of money on social networks but aren’t getting any traffic from search engines, something is definitely wrong with your efforts. In this situation, you should redirect your marketing efforts on SEO based traffic for better results.

4.Bounce rate on the website:  

When visitors come to your website and leave immediately without checking other pages, then it is called bounce. If total bounce rate on your website is below 40%, you can consider it good.  If the bounce rate on your website is higher than this, you have to revamp your website in more user-friendly manner.  While remaking your website, make sure you take user’s opinion for effective results.

5.Check Conversion rate:  

On your website, most of the time you want visitors to take a particular action. This action could be anything such as the purchase of a product, registering on your website, etc. This conversation rate may vary depending on the website and your specific factors, but the average conversion rate is 2 to 4%.  You should try to get 5% conversion rate for optimum results.


To get the exact result, it is essential you choose the right analytic tool for same. With some basic research, you can find multiple tools that can help you evaluate benefits as mentioned above. Other than this, you should also check inbound links from external links to your website. These inbound links increase your SEO ranking and give more benefit to your website with higher views.

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