Brand New Features of WhatsApp and How to Use it

WhatsApp is definitely the behemoth of the messaging app world, though there many different popular messaging apps. People still do prefer to use this app instead of the other apps. It is a common factor that the people, who possess a smart device, mostly will have this app downloaded and installed on their devices. It has helped millions of people across the world to stay connected with their friends and family.In the recent times, we can see that there have many new updates made available for the people to use. There are a few more updates in line for the public launch, once those features are successful in the testing and beta version of the app. It has been around 8 years now since they started their venture. They started it as a messaging app to send and receive unlimited text messages.

Since then, we can clearly say that the app has gone through a lot of changes and many new features have been added to the app. It is quite interesting to see these features, the way they work and they are easy to use as well. The app is basically filled many different kinds of features and here is a list of the few new and interesting features for you to check out and try them.

Share simultaneously to different contacts

Now we have an option to be able to share any kind of messages, media files or documents with our friends at a single. If we want to forward a particular message or a media file, we need to hold on the message or media until it is selected. Once it is selected, we need to select the right arrow icon to forward the message.

The forward will be enabled and the list of contacts will be displayed, we can select many contacts at a single time and there will be a green tick which will enable once selected and forward it, as simple as that. There is no requirement to send the message or media, to each individual separately.

Quote a particular message

Most of us do tend to be present in a particular group in WhatsApp, where we can chat with our friends together. Apart from that, there are individual chat windows as well, but there are situations when we want to refer to a particular message and revert back to it. This new feature from WhatsApp would help us with that particular fact.

With the new update from the messenger app, users can revert back to a single message. All they need to do is that, hold the message for long and select the left arrow icon on the bar of the chat. As we do so, we can see that we are quoting the particular message and it is kind of easy to refer and reply back to a specific message. Next time, when we are thinking about reverting to a specific message, we can use this Quote feature.

Different Font Styles in Texting

It is kind of interesting when we are able to have conversations with our friends with different font styles. A new feature has been introduced where we can send our messages with different font styles. To begin with, there are three different font styles available in WhatsApp for the users to use. They are, bold, italic and strikethrough.

To be able to use these font styles, we need to use a few special characters. If we want to use bold, then we need to type the text between two * (asterisk) symbols, similarly, for italic, it is “_” (underscore) and for strikethrough, it is “~” (tilde) symbols. According to our wish, we can apply these three different font styles to make the conversations more engaging.

The System default font

Since the time people have been using personal computers and laptops, most of them are aware of the FixedSys font. It comes from the raster monospaced fonts; the name goes as Fixed System, as it has glyphs in it. There is a fixed width to the font and it is considered to be the oldest font styles of Windows and now we have an option to use this in the messenger app.

For the users to apply this particular font in their texts, they need to use ’’’ 3 back quote symbol together at the beginning and end of the message. Once done with the message, it will be automatically turned into the FixedSys font. Whenever we want to use this particular, all need to do is use the back quotes thrice, that’s it.

Voicemail and Call Back (Beta Version)

WhatsApp has been working on different kinds of new features for the app. Now, they are working on a particular feature, where we make a callback or send a voicemail to the contact. If the respective has not responded to a particular call, we can call that person again or send a voice message. During a call, if the person has not responded, we have an option with an icon as voice message with the microphone.

At the bottom of the screen, to the right corner, we will be able to find the icon for a voice message. By selecting it we can record the message and send it, after sending the voice message. For time being the user will be unable to listen to the voicemail before sending it. If we want to call back, we need to select the call again icon, if we do not want to so, we can select the cancel option for the call.

Track the location in live mode (Beta Version)

There is already an option available on WhatsApp, where we can share our current location. In a few situations, we want to guide our friend to reach to a specific over a phone call, to overcome that, this feature has been introduced. This particular feature enables us to be able to reach a destination seamlessly. Once the location is shared, we can use the maps for the navigation and reach the location in no time.

In the beta version of the app, there is a new feature, where we can track the location of our friends. There are four different time limits in which we can track the location, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes and indefinitely. This will help us to make to locate our friends if we are in a huge crowd, apart from that, with the indefinite tracking, we will be able to make sure that our friends and family are at safe distances.

It is going to get bigger and better

There have been many different changes in the app over the years. We can expect that there will be more updates coming up for us to use. It has been a real long journey for the company, as it has been an organization which has not been into generating revenue.

With the new updates and features, at present, it is available in the beta version for the users to try. We can expect that it will be made available to the public very soon. By the end of this year, we can say that there will be a drastic amount of changes happening in WhatsApp and we will be able to use exciting and interesting features as well.

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