Brilliant Health Advice You Must Follow to Stay Healthy

One of the most common goals of life is – maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improving our overall health.  But, in today’s world of fast food and over-indulgence, you easily become the victim of unhealthy habits.  Your health is affected by what you eat, when you sleep and how much activity you get throughout the day. Each of these behaviors positively or negatively affects your overall health. Finally, you reach a stage where you realize the importance of  wellness and lifestyle management.

Developing a healthy lifestyle is not just focusing on habits that address a particular health problem, but on your whole body so that it stays as healthy as possible. If you practice healthier lifestyle habits, you can increase your energy levels, reverse the onset of disease and improve your mood.

Let’s discuss what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.

Changes Required for a Heather Lifestyle

It requires fundamental changes to several aspects of your life such as psychological changes, behavioral changes, and dietary changes.

Below are the key areas of your life that might influence your health:

1. Physical activity: Getting involved in physical activities balances your weight. Being overweight can give rise to serious medical conditions and the side effects of obesity are writ large all over the internet. Make sure you exercise at least 4 days a week. Try to give your body some sort of movement every half an hour.

2. Nutritional habits: The foods you eat carry a direct impact on your body. Instead of having a full spicy meal, you should focus on eating to boost your energy levels and benefit your digestive health. It’s good to follow personalized wellness and lifestyle management program and diet chart instead of imitating what your friend is eating.

3. Hydration habits: We all need water to survive, but how much should we drink in a day puts a question mark. Your high school teacher might have taught you the benefits of drinking plenty of water in a day. The health authorities recommend minimum 2.2 liters (9 cups) for women and 3 liters (14 cups) of fluid for men in a day. It is good to drink water instead of juices or sodas.

4. Daily supplements: Vitamins, nutrients and herbs are beneficial. But again, what should be the sources? What should be the intake?  Do vitamin and mineral supplements available at a local medical store help? Your physician will never suggest over the counter supplements.  How much vitamins and calcium you need depends on your body. Excess consumption may have negative effect. It is good to consult a health expert. Taking proper supplements and managing your health through detoxification encourages a healthier lifestyle.

5. Stress management: Stress triggers a survival response that can help us in the short-term but gets damaging if it persists for a prolonged period. Learning how to control stress can help you retain your mental and physical health.

6. Sleeping habits: The amount of sleep you have every night controls your feelings of mental alertness, dictates energy level and impacts the ability to maintain your weight level. Usually, younger adults, between 18-25, should have 7-9 hours of nap each day. People aged 26-64 should sleep 7-9 hours each day whereas 65+ adults should have 7-8 hours each day.


In most cases, you won’t realize how your everyday actions are affecting your health. The first thing you should do is to identify your current habits. List your positive and negative habits. Then, step ahead and try to replace your negative habits with more positive behaviors.  Don’t copy your friend’s diet and exercise chart. Rather, develop your habits based on your body requirement.  By focusing on your personalized habits, you can make substantial changes in your life and develop a healthier lifestyle and consequently, a healthier mind.

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