How to bring the balance in your life with the help of Astrology


We need to follow 7 principals to get the healthy and balanced life. Every principal related with the astrology to make your good journey. You just need to follow this plan and it will improve your life longevity.

In this article you will get the answers of how can you make a good health and how medical astrology fits in? Besides, if you know your natal chart, look up the position of planets by signs and house. Fret not! If you don’t remember your birth date, can still find out the position of each planet by surfing through astrologer website.

Get enough sunshine:  In astrology, Sun known as the important planet in everyone life. In women life, sun position determines the life after the marriage. Taking the sunshine early in the morning can help to cure many diseases. It allows you to absorb the Vitamin D through exposed skin. Vitamin D helps to strong the bones and improves the immunity system. As per the astrology, consider the element of sun signs for tips: Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), Earth Sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), Air sign ( Libra, Gemini, Aquarius ) and water sign (cancer, scorpion, Pisces).

Good nutrition and Hydration for Balanced Life: The moon is responsible for good nutrition and water level in your body.  The moon rules your digestion, diet pattern, emotional eating and of course water level in the body. Whether you know about your natal chart or not, think about what nourishes your soul and give you emotional strength.  When you feed yourself energetically, you wouldn’t have the urge for the over food and water for the shortfall. If you know your moon sign, read on the personal tips.

Fresh air: the Mercury has the connection to your brain, nervous system, lungs, and respiration.  Whenever you get stressed, one thing that happens unintentionally is holding your breath. These systems are closely related to each other. Getting out the sunshine and exercising will help you to take the fresh air and open up all blood vessels of your body.  If you know about your natal chart, try to keep your Mercury planet happy. Otherwise, consider the “brain food” you want.  This will help to feed Mercury. You can also get benefit by breathing deeply and meditation to work your lungs and brain properly.

Have plenty of Exercises: to keep your mars planet happy, have a good amount of exercise. Mars rules your body, burn out the negative energy and keeps your warrior spirit. Exercise is also the crucial point for the good and long term health. Figure out your chart and find how things can work for you in a week. Choose to focus on the planet per week and nourish accordingly. You can also take the help of Astrologer in Amritsar to understand the position of your planet. With the help of him take a small step to nourish your vital force.

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