Why business conglomerates opt for outsourcing?

The world of business is not oblivion to the need of outsourcing. Outsourcing has emerged as a ‘Go to’ business strategy for many of the small and big business houses. Let us have a brief summary of a BPO and how a BPO company works before discussing it in detail.

BPO is a methodology of using a third party that signs a multi-year contract of handling a specific and specialised process on the behalf of a business entity. This process is related to the Information Technology services and can be done more quickly in a cost-effective and an efficient manner.

There are primarily two major types of BPO: front-office and back-office outsourcing. The front-office primarily includes services like technical support, customer service, sales and marketing activities. On the other hand, back-office operations consist of payroll, billing, logistics and services in the domain of human resources.

BPO services are known to work primarily in the space of IT services. This process generally pertains to hiring a third party agency, mostly in off-shore countries to handle an IT related processing work.

Such activities are usually related to the following:

  1. Data centre management
  2. System development
  3. Project management
  4. Web development
  5. Application management
  6. Open source
  7. Quality management ( primarily including quality assurance and software testing)
  8. Application development

Call centre operations are generally not at the helm of business activities and are considered as “non-core” set of activities when we talk of the primary business strategy. It is believed by many business units that by outsourcing a certain verticals of business, the in-house house employees can direct their focus towards more revenue generating areas of business. Apart from the areas mentioned above, many of the business conglomerates often opt to go for BPO company in other processes like human resources (HR), finance and administration (F&A) processes and various other activities related to financial investment. This strategy has emerged as a renowned practice of hiring the services of a company based out in an off-shore location in the field of IT enabled services (ITES).

Let us now discuss in brief about some of the major advantages of having a potent BPO strategy in place.

  • Cost effectiveness

This advantage can be attained when employers decide to reduce costs by doing improvements in the process with ease in control and administration.

  • Concentration on core operations

The business entity in question can have time to focus on their core set of operations as the third party BPO company takes care of the non-core business operations.

  • Increased revenue

The business units do not need to take out time for recruitment and training of personnel. With the reduced hiring and firing costs, it will also lead to increased revenue for the business as BPO units possess the expertise in that vertical.

By effective utilisation of these advantages, business conglomerates can cater to the evolving customer demands and improve upon their existing revenue streams. The business entities can also save their time and money for training and controlling the third party agency. Despite the fact that BPO has gained popularity for its ability to deliver profitability, the backlash of consumers and at executive-levels, often related to the restrictions imposed by the government often tends to reduce its popularity.

The concept of a BPO company has helped many organisations to increase upon their flexibility in operations. It has emerged as an effective idea to quicken up the growth and productivity of a business entity and has lent a helping hand to make it more profitable and successful. BPO units are capable enough to deliver quality customer services. Thus, it is recommended to connect with the top-notch BPO companies to resolve the following project related needs:

  • Marketing needs

The concept of voice process gained popularity because the business units wanted to fulfill their marketing needs. Many of the products and services are now being sold with an effective delivery of telemarketing services. The business entities tend to advertise and sell their offerings over the phone and the executives need to be capable enough to convince the international customer. A professional and growth-oriented BPO company believes that quality service delivery is paramount for both inbound and outbound call cxentre processes.

  • Call answering service

Businesses, on the lookout for a good call centre have an innate need to deliver top-notch call answering service to their customers. Call answering executives need to remain available to serve the customers across the world and offer guaranteed service. Every call centre entity is based on a particular goal and a majority of companies are always interested in outsourcing some of their business activities.

  • Customer satisfaction

Creating a satisfied customer base for the client is the core theme of most of the BPO companies. A good BPO company understands that every customer needs to be served quite carefully so that they don’t complain about the quality of service they receive. This is why these BPO companies remain dedicated throughout.

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