Buying Refurbished Apple Products: All FAQs Answered

refurbished iPhone wholesale USA

refurbished iPhone wholesale USA

Apple products top the list of every techie person. Be it iPads or iPhones, Apple products come under the high-end category. However, due to high price tags, it is not accessible for everybody. In fact, every recently launched Apple product reaches to a ridiculous height. But thanks to refurbished Apple products that make it possible to buy them at a reasonable price.

When purchasing refurbished iPhone at wholesale USA prices, you can grab amazing bargains. Nevertheless, buyers always face dilemma when it comes to buying refurbished Apple products. We are well aware of this, and so we have pooled our knowledge of the industry and have answered top FAQs related to refurbished Apple products.

Buying Refurbished Apple Products: All FAQs Answered

What are refurbished Apple products?

When we say refurbished Apple products, we mean products sold in Apple products that are sold on Apple’s online refurbished store. They are usually returned to Apple by customers due to some kind of defect or any other reason, like faulty SSD or dead pixels. There may also be unwanted or returned products that customers elected to recycle through the Apple recycling program.

Refurbished products are items people used, bought and returned for some reason. Apple fixed them up from top to bottom and makes them free of all internal defects, or cosmetic damage. Ultimately, the products are stamped with a refurbished label and send back to the market at a lower price.

Why do we not often hear about refurbished Apple products?

Apple does not push or motivate the concept of refurbished and sometimes, they are very hard to find on the Apple website. Still, Apple shortly starts selling refurbished models soon after the launch of a new product. A good deal in used Apple products can also be found on several reliable online stores.

Do refurbish Apple products work like new?

What are refurbished Apple products?

Yes! Refurbished Apple products are 100% functional and work like new. From battery to screen, all parts of used Apple products function like brand-new ones. How? The credit goes to rigorous testing procedures that test and confirm each and every product in full working condition and makes them free from all kinds of defects. Even Apple confirms that the refurbished products use the same technical guidelines to that of Finished Goods testing process for retail products.

Steps Apple takes for testing procedures of used products:

  • Each product passes through several tests, like full burn-in testing for displays.
  • Defective units identified during the testing procedure are replaced with functional parts.
  • To eliminate cosmetic damage, iPad and iPod touches are provided with brand new batteries and other outer enclosures.
  • Each product is thoroughly inspected.
  • Every product is shipped with original operating software.
  • After cleaning, the products are repacked with suitable cables and manuals.
  • Apple assigns the products with a newly refurbished part number as well as a new serial number.
  • Before it is sold to the public, the product undergoes quality assurance inspection.

Do I purchase pre-owned Apple products from a buy and sell site?

Some people might consider it a risky alternative. After all, it is not certain who you are dealing with. However, if done correctly with a few precautions, you can make huge savings. It is a feasible option for both selling and buying side. Just consider a few points:

  • Use a reputable site and go through their tips for a safe transaction.
  • Do a background check on the seller.
  • Check reviews and google them to find more information.
  • Do not perform a purchase outside the platform.
  • Research about the product so that you know what you are getting in the deal.
  • Make a list of your needs, and queries about the product.

Do I get a warranty with refurbished Apple products?

Before arriving at the market for sale, refurbished iPhone wholesale USA undergo a rigorous process to make sure that it is up to the high-quality standards of Apple. And so, you get the same one-year warranty. With Mac, the purchase comes with extended three years warranty, coverage and telephone support by purchasing Apple Care Protection Plan. It means that if something goes wrong with the used product in the first one year after your purchase it, Apple will fix the issues or offer a free replacement.

The return and sales procedure with a refurbished product is also the same to that of brand new products.

When Can I Buy Apple products that have been recently launched?

An Apple product becomes available for the purchase from the refurbished store only after several months after it gets launched. Most products can be purchased after 3-4 months, but this wait can go longer with 6-9 months. If you wish to purchase a refurbished version of a currently launched product, be ready to delay the purchase.

The final verdict

If you plan on purchasing Apple products at a reasonable price, it is wise to go with refurbished products. Though you may wait for a few months after it is released; you can find the exact model you are looking for at much lesser price. In return, you get the same benefits to that of a brand new Apple product including one-year warranty. Always remember to make a purchase through trustworthy websites.

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