How Can Gamification Be Used As An Effective Business Tool

How Can Gamification Be Used As An Effective Business Tool

Mobile games have an addictive impact on users of diverse age groups, as they spend hours glued to the screen just to step one level up on their favorite ones. But these have gone far beyond entertainment nowadays. In fact, these are being used as smart business tools to help some key business processes. When it comes to a choice between games for iPhone and Android, the former emerges as a clear winner. It is attributed to the popularity of iPhones among tech-savvy users. As businesses are increasingly realizing the positive role of gamification, they are willing to invest in iOS game development in India and abroad.

Let us see how businesses can benefit by including gamification in its working strategy:

Supporting Customer Acquisition
A gamified shopping experience is the most innovative way to acquire more customers for the business. It generates interest that a normal online shopping spree can never do. Interactive product exploration games have become the new way to sell. For this reason, availing the services of iPhone application developers for creating such games has become a clever business investment these days.

Enhancing Customer Engagement
Interactive games for Android and iPhone can also serve as a marketing tool to enhance customer engagement. The fun elements in games have an enticing influence on the potential customers and they tend to stay longer on the business website. The chances of conversion increase because of customer engagement. Moreover, gamification can be applied as a promotional tool, where buyers are offered appealing prizes on winning.  NikeFuel by Nike is an amazing example of an interactive game being used for brand promotion. Gamers are given special trophies on unlocking the game levels and they can share their achievements on social media, thus promoting the brand.

Building Long-Term Loyalty
Building long-term loyalty is another positive aspect of gaming as it strengthens the buyer-seller relationship. As a business offers personalized gamification, it focuses on improving the customer experience. Members are encouraged to become a part of a group and feel loyalty towards the brand. They can even pull in more members for the gaming communities and help spread the word.

Improving Employee Bonding
Businesses can engage an iPhone game development company not only for customer engagement but improving employee bonding too. The example of Keas, a US-based health management company can be cited here. It has a wellness app for the client to help them lower the costs of group health insurance. The company has come up with a game that enables the employees of client organizations to log in their personal dashboards. After doing so, they are able to view individual stats as well as get rewards for their achievements.

While developing iPhone games for business purposes, it is essential to make ones that are challenging yet achievable. A compelling narrative is important too as it adds entertainment value to the game. The potential of gamification is huge if tapped in the right manner. Effective implementation of gaming strategy can improve the performance as well as the reputation of a business. This makes it one of the most amazing business tools of the present times.

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