How Can You Prepare for Your Thesis Defense?

If writing a thesis is an intensive job and requires a lot of effort and dedication then defending it is
equally nerve-wrecking. Preparing to face the examiners and answering all their questions takes away all
your energy and makes it essential for you to stay confident during the entire session. You can also
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For all the students who are ready to present themselves and defend all their hard work, here are some
professional essay help tips:

1. Be familiar with the format of defense

The format which is followed in defense varies from one country to another and might even be different
for institutions belonging to the same country. Before appearing for your defense, make sure to confirm
the format so that you can prepare accordingly. While mostly there are private examinations, there are
certain countries or institutions which make it mandatory to follow a public evaluation. Some might
even ask you to give a presentation, thus, it is essential to know the method for exceptional

2. Prepare and practice beforehand

You cannot deliver a confident presentation or would not be able to come up with logical arguments if
you are not prepared well enough. Know all the materials inside out and be familiar with the number of
slides in your presentation. A better option would be to practice in front of an audience beforehand so
that they can tell you if you sound interesting or not. Also, this will help you in somewhat overcoming
the discomfort which you feel when you face the actual audience.

3. The fear of being asked an awkward question

No matter how well-prepared you are, the fear of being asked something the answer to which you
might not know keeps hovering. One might feel that reading a lot of literature will help in this but since,
the examiners may ask anything, this approach might not prove to be effective at all times. Once you are
asked an unfamiliar question, you will see all your effort going down the drain. It is okay if you don’t
know the answer to a certain question, you can handle the examiners in a way which will make them

4. Give importance to the small stuff

Even the minutest details are important if you want to show that you are capable and can deliver the
best results. If you miss out the small things and attention to detail, you might anger or upset the
audience. Label everything precisely and correctly and be upfront in answering everything pertaining to

your work. Do not hesitate and stay confident about the little things too so that your results are not

5. Dealing with the nerves

It is quite normal to be nervous before appearing in front of the jury. There are high chances of you
getting an adrenaline rush which might leave your heart racing and will give you sweaty palms. Despite
all this, you need to let go of all the nervousness and come out strong so that you can perform well in
front of the examiners. They will try to throw difficult questions at you and would try to make you a bit
confused but it is up to you to maintain your morale and perform to the best of your abilities. Even if
you don’t know the answer to a certain question, respond confidently showing them that you have not
been affected by their unfamiliar question.

6. Speak slowly

A very common symptom of nervousness is to speak slowly or to speak too much that your answer
deviates from the actual question. This never leaves a good impression on the examiners as you need to
stay focused and answer all their queries diligently. You must know how to support your argument and
should never be intimated by the looks being given to you or the questions which are being asked. Slow
down and give yourself some time to breathe so that you can control your terrain of thoughts.
7. Stay humble

You know all your research very well so there is no need to just show off everything you have achieved
so far. There are high chances that you will be asked questions which were not a part of your research
so in such a situation, don’t panic. Never answer the questions in a haste just to show that you know
everything rather, stay cool and calm.

Considering all these tips, you are good to appear in front of the toughest jury and defend your thesis

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