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Why to Avoid Hamburger Menu in your Mobile App

The three-lined button on your mobile app- the hamburger icon, is the real devil, stay away! It is a completely poor mobile choice that hides away your options and features using a navigation drawer. You must have heard that phrase, ‘out of sight, out of

Progressive Web Apps

How can AMP and PWA can make your presence a worth one?

With the increase in technology seen today, it has paved a way for the users and the top organizations to mark their online presence in the world. For this various innovations have been made on technological platform which inculcates about the future of the world.

WhatsApp Plus Download and its features

Since last two decades, Messenger has started to rule the world. Initially there were paid messenger services such as SMS (Short Message Service), apple messenger, Blackberry messenger and many more. Then, there was a advent of internet and social network communications. Soon, Facebook, Orkut messaging

meal coupons

Key Things To Know About Meal Coupons

Many companies give meal vouchers to their employees in a bid to help them save taxes. Here are few things about these meal coupons and tax exemption that comes with them. If an employee is paying for meal, tea or snacks during office hours, the

business communication apps

How Is Technology Helping Collaboration?

While working alone, professionals in a business environment might deliver quality results. But when having to collaborate with multiple people, things change. New skills need to be learnt; newer technology needs to be incorporated. Here is where an online collaboration platform can help teams achieve

team work communication

Why Do You Need A Team Messaging App For Business?

The internet is the backbone of the digital economy, and more and more companies are going online to harness it. As customers get smarter with its increased usage, it has become imperative for companies to make use of the latest technologies to serve them better. 

Time Attendance System

Time Attendance System In Singapore and It’s Advantages

Time Attendance system in Singapore is an esteemed expansion to our fruitful suite of Time Attendance system modules. This participation framework takes worker time administration to another level by utilizing on the usefulness of the Human Resource Management and Payroll programming. Its complex programming engineering