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sport and spine physical therapy

How Physical Therapy Help You Manage Pain?

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? Or acute sports injury? In either case, medication will not help for a long time. Pain management, whether acute or chronic, has always been difficult since ancient time. There are a million ways to treat pain, but only

What Do You Need To Know About Reference Based Pricing?

In reference based healthcare payment model known as reference-based pricing, the employer sets aside the traditional insurance carrier contract and makes payment to the hospitals directly.  The amount which is paid is usually multiple reimbursement rate than just being based on the discount.  Those who

marijuana bookkeeper

5 Reasons How Cannabis CPA Can Help Your Marijuana Business

Starting a cannabis business or do run a cannabis startup? The Senate Bill 94 (SB94), which was passed on January 1, 2018, as made it legal to cultivate, transport, manufacture and sell Marijuana in the state of California for recreational purposes. Whatever the size of

skin tag removal

5 Effective Ways to Remove Skin Tag at Home

A skin tag is scientifically known as acrochordon. It is a small tumor that forms in the area where skin creases such as neck or armpits. It is not a dangerous health condition that requires immediate medical attention. In fact, it is harmless and painless

What Does It Take to Finance Dental Equipment?

For a dentist, the first and foremost requirement for starting a dental clinic is to buy dental equipment. Dental equipments involve the purchase of tooth extraction equipments, tools, lights, a bed and all the other items associated with dental check up. At any given point

Adderall for Overachievers: A Dangerous Risk

In a world that becomes more fast-paced and demanding with each passing day, humans also continually look for new ways to keep up with this increasing demand. While some people opt for productivity apps or even a mid-day espresso drink to recharge their energy, other

Unveiling 5 Rhinoplasty Myths

The rhinoplasty surgery or a nose job is one that helps to reshape your nose. It makes smaller appearing noses appear larger, larger ones appear smaller; it changes the angle of the nose to match upper lip, alters the nose tip, corrects bumps and restores