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Trauma Implants

Need of an Orthopedic Surgeon for Trauma Surgery

Musculoskeletal injuries are associated with sports injuries, back pain, stiff neck muscles and arthritis, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Proper assessment, diagnosis, and intervention for such situations are done by health specialists, specifically by orthopedic surgery specialists. They are experts in diseases

What Employers Need to Know about Reference Based Pricing?

In today’s era of skyrocketing benefit costs, reference based pricing has proved to be a galvanizing concept. But what does it actually requires? Well, it is all about scrutiny and planning. Reference-based pricing has emerged as one way for the self-insured employers to keep a

hair care experts

Redefine Your Beautiful Look with Beautiful Hair

Healthy glowing hair is the secret to an enhanced look and beautiful smiles. Every one desires to have healthy looking hair to enhance their looks, and great looks mean boosted confidence too. Hair is the most important aspect of one’s looks and self-confidence. When your

How you can promote your Healthcare App on Social Media

If you aren’t using social media to promote your healthcare app, then you’re definitely missing out! The telemedicine industry has recently experienced a massive boom, giving rise to a number of healthcare apps. Unfortunately, this simply makes it difficult for apps to gain recognition in

sport and spine physical therapy

How Physical Therapy Help You Manage Pain?

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? Or acute sports injury? In either case, medication will not help for a long time. Pain management, whether acute or chronic, has always been difficult since ancient time. There are a million ways to treat pain, but only

What Do You Need To Know About Reference Based Pricing?

In reference based healthcare payment model known as reference-based pricing, the employer sets aside the traditional insurance carrier contract and makes payment to the hospitals directly.  The amount which is paid is usually multiple reimbursement rate than just being based on the discount.  Those who

marijuana bookkeeper

5 Reasons How Cannabis CPA Can Help Your Marijuana Business

Starting a cannabis business or do run a cannabis startup? The Senate Bill 94 (SB94), which was passed on January 1, 2018, as made it legal to cultivate, transport, manufacture and sell Marijuana in the state of California for recreational purposes. Whatever the size of