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Adopting a Child

5 Things to Consider When Adopting a Child

Are you preparing to adopt? If so, the anticipation may be overwhelming. It’s a very hassle job, involving going through a home study; getting fingerprinted; choosing domestic, international, or foster adoption; putting your family profile or dossier together and finally waiting whether or not you


3 Things Our Parents Don’t Understand About Our Choices

  We are the generation that hates commitment of most kinds. We believe everything is easily replaceable, and it quite is. Just that, our parents weren’t raised in our times. So many arguments, so many conversations, endless rants and countless gasps. Such is the nature

Baby Sleeping

5 Magical Tips To Improve Your Baby Sleeping Patterns

You baby or toddler’s sleep is very important for their development and growth. You should therefore do everything within your power to ensure that you child gets adequate sleep daily by making sure that they adhere to your set sleeping pattern. However, there are times

When to Stop Feeding Your Baby at Night?

Being a parent is a very rewarding opportunity or rather a blessing. The early stages of parenthood bring in a lot of exhilaration but as the time progresses the responsibilities associated with parenthood magnifies up to a greater extent. Night feeding is a process which


Why Kids Hide Things From Their Parents?

If parents had their way, they would have their kids hide nothing at all from them. If kids have their way, they would even love to tell them about how many times they used the restroom at school until they are like eight years old,

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Does Your Child Use Any Dangerous Apps?

As the impact of the internet that goes either way that is positive or negative. There is a certain benefit that came with the development of internet but, not only that, with the benefits comes the negative points as well. It is a damn difficult