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the best charcoal grill

Things You Need To Know About Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grills are the go-to hardware for summer. Whether it’s going on a huge camping trip with the whole family, tailgating at a sports game, or just grilling food out back for friends and family, the charcoal grill is present. Perhaps it can even be

Best Dishes that Can be Made with Chicken

Chicken is something that every non vegetarian absolutely loves. Some might love chicken more than everything else and some might not love chicken to that extent but whatever be the case chicken is something that everyone in general likes to eat. Chicken might not have

Paneer Recipes

Paneer Recipes to Die for

For those who are fond of veg dishes in India prefers paneer. Whenever it comes to veg dishes, paneer tops the list. This is because; it is versatile and can be cooked in different styles. It is a type of fresh cheese which is a

Sambhar Vadi recipe

Try the most loved Maharashtra cuisine in your kitchen!

Maharashtra has been always famous for its lip-smacking street food. VadaPav is very famous in the entire country. Each street food has its own aroma and unique taste. Maharashtrian Cuisine is one of the spiciest foods but what makes it different is its cooking style.

Zafrani-Pulao-Recipe by Chef Aditya Bal

Two Recipes Using Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is a special long grained rice, native to the Indian subcontinent. It has soft, chewy texture, unique flavor and fragrant aroma. There are two types; Brown and White. Brown rice is the best Basmati rice, rich in fiber and nutrients.  All Basmati rice