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Website Uptime Monitoring: Here’re 8- Checklists for a Start-up or Established Website

“Start-ups can’t afford to miss an SEO trick when it comes to launching a new site”…                                                                                                       Anonymous When you launch a website or if you already exist online, you’d always aim to take your site or hone your on-site search engine rank. For this, you

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Difficulties Faced About Hiring Skilled ASP.Net Developers

Limited talent pool makes hiring designers, developers and engineers a heavy challenge for companies. I am not just pointing to the resource hiring for the company but even for hiring the developers for the software or product development. The truth is the best-specialized hopefuls are

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Inheritance in Java: What Should You Know?

Inheritance in Java is a methodology by which a class gets the property of another class. Using it, a child inherits the detail from its parents. By the use of this property, a child class gets the properties of its parents. It means that with

Magento Developer vs WordPress Developer: Who Does What?

Establishing a strong online presence has become the prime concern among all business organizations and companies – that always keeps on seeking out ways to expand their reach. However, they need to make many decisions before getting started with their website development project. Most importantly,

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Web Design Services

How can you engage visitors and prospective clients on your website? How do your customers recognize good web design? These are two important questions you may be seeking answers. There is a big difference between good and bad design. As an experienced entrepreneur in Singapore,

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How to build a lucrative online dating business

If you want to build a successful online dating business then there are a few things and elements that you need to learn. Not only is dating business a great way to earn some extra income but also trending one in today’s business world. Because


How to Choose the Right Fonts and Colors of Your Brand Logo

Whether you’ve got a startup or a small business, you may be aware of the fact that how important an impressive and self-explanatory logo is for your business. Remember that if a perfect logo creates prompt recognition in consumers’ mind and builds your company, a

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Tips to Make an Effective Web Design

Websites play an indispensable role in generating revenue for any business on the e-commerce platform. Companies offering web design and development services India affirms that there are many ways to ensure that your website is creating enough ripples amongst the prospective clients. You should be