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SSL certificate

SSL Certificate: Purpose and Importance

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which is a cryptographic protocol. The primary objective of SSL is to keep communication safe and secure on the internet. An SSL certificate is a digitally signed file which is used for a particular domain name. The certificate typically

Key Features of a Good Web Hosting Service

When you are looking for a good web hosting service India provider, it is only natural to get confused because of the number of options that are there around us. Moreover, the technicalities of services may appear to be quite baffling for someone who has


A Helpful Guide to buy and Install SSL Certificate

If you are in the online business industry, you may know that creating a secure environment and earning better credibility and trust with website visitors and customers requires installment of SSL certificate to your site. A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate is a comprehensive solution

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How to Choose Best Hosting Plan and Features Guide

At the moment, there are lots of web hosting companies in the market that offer web hosting ideas using more than 99% uptime and with a lot of further accommodations. But without sufficient info about the web hosting field, it will always not be very

cheap web hosting

4 Points For Choosing Good Web Hosting Service Provider

So you have prepared your website, and now you are looking for a cheap web hosting service provider, what are various points that you have to look forward to making sure that your hosting provider is the best. Let’s take a look: High Availability It

vps hosting plan

A Guide to Virtual Private Server and Its Benefits

The advancement of technology has brought out revolutionary change in every business aspect. Nothing is untouched when it comes to the advanced technology. VPS server is among them. VPS, which stands for virtual private server is a virtual machine. Running its own copy of an


A Quick Guide for Creating A Website

When you plan to build a website, it may look like an uphill task, especially when you have no prior web design experience. If you want to have a large or complex site, you may need a team of experienced web professional. But, if you

buy linux hosting

11 Benefits Of Choosing Linux Web Hosting Plan

Linux and Windows are two different types of operating systems. It is more secure and far more efficient than the Windows. Linux is also considered as the most favorable platform for the Web Hosting. Some of the world’s most modern servers are hosted on the

How to Access Control Panel and Manage DNS in Bigrock

Log in to your account Login to your account with email id and password.   After login, you will see the window as shown below.     Manage Order Click on Manage Order, then from drop down list select List/Search orders. It will show you the