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A Guide to Virtual Private Server and Its Benefits

The advancement of technology has brought out revolutionary change in every business aspect. Nothing is untouched when it comes to the advanced technology. VPS server is among them. VPS, which stands for virtual private server is a virtual machine. Running its own copy of an


A Quick Guide for Creating A Website

When you plan to build a website, it may look like an uphill task, especially when you have no prior web design experience. If you want to have a large or complex site, you may need a team of experienced web professional. But, if you

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11 Benefits Of Choosing Linux Web Hosting Plan

Linux and Windows are two different types of operating systems. It is more secure and far more efficient than the Windows. Linux is also considered as the most favorable platform for the Web Hosting. Some of the world’s most modern servers are hosted on the

How to Access Control Panel and Manage DNS in Bigrock

Log in to your account Login to your account with email id and password.   After login, you will see the window as shown below.     Manage Order Click on Manage Order, then from drop down list select List/Search orders. It will show you the

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How Can A Cloud Server Hosting Benefit You?

Cloud servers are the virtual servers that run in the cloud computing environment. Many times they are called as Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS). Although every cloud server is a virtual server, the reverse is not always true. It is because the virtual dedicated server can

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WordPress Hosting: A Quick Guide

The hosting that you choose decides the fate of your website. It can also determine the success of your SEO efforts and may affect the sales as well. There are various kinds of WordPress hosting e.g. Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Managed. The guide will


Why Should You Go For Cloud Servers?

Many of us come across the word server in the day to day life while booking tickets or in the banks. The moment someone utters “server” the first thing which comes to the mind is a large computer with someone working on it.  But with


Why “.Com” Domain Is Still Preferred?

If you are thinking about buying a domain name, then you may be faced with a choice, whether to go with the dot-com domain or go with some other domain name. With more than 127 million domain names it is the most popular of the

Choosing The Top 5 Email Migration Services

Email migration refers to a process by which emails can be migrated seamlessly from an email client to another client. This is also popularly called mailbox migration through which emails, contacts, tasks and appointments can also be migrated. Below are the top 5 email migration